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Zu San Li followed his father’s advice and massaged this place every day and witnessed the birth and death of dozens of emperors. Massaging this point is one of the oldest treatment methods in the Far East, which has been practiced for thousands of years. The human body has 365 points and 12 main meridians, reminiscent of the months and days of a year.

The acupressure method, which is applied to specific points with finger pressure, is based on the teachings of meridians and channels connected to certain organs. In Chinese medicine, the body is viewed as an energy system and massage can affect the functional activities and energy flows of the organs.

Activating the Zu San Li point can have a regenerating and healing effect, prevent aging. In China, this point is known as the “point of longevity”, while in Japan it is called the “point of a hundred diseases”.

On our body, the Zu San Li point is located just below the kneecap. To correctly identify this point, place your hand on the same knee with your fingers pointing down. Let your palms cover your knee.

For example, rest your right hand on your right knee. Zu San Li is the point between your little nail and the nail of your ring finger. If you can’t find the right spot this way, sit on the floor and pull your knees towards you. Keep your feet still on the floor. You will notice a higher area under your knee, put your finger on it and press lightly. This point is the Zu San Li point.

The point Zu San Li regulates the functioning of the organs in the lower half of our body. It regulates the functions of the spinal cord, which passes through the adrenal glands, kidneys, genitals, parts responsible for the proper functioning of the digestive tract. By massaging the Zu San Li point, you increase the activity of your adrenal glands (adrenal glands), the strongest glands that play the role of protecting human health.

These glands secrete hydrocortisone, epinephrine and other important hormones into the blood. If you regularly massage the “longevity point” every day, you will normalize the functions of the adrenal glands in your body as follows:

Balanced blood pressure
2. Stabilize insulin, glucose levels
3. Reducing inflammation in the body
4. Regulation of the immune system

Other benefits of massaging the Zu San Li point:

healthy digestive system
Elimination of intestinal and digestive problems
Treatment of the consequences of a stroke
Gain self-confidence
Overcome stress and tension
inner balance
Massaging this point is also said to be good for sexual weakness, hiccups, constipation, gastritis and urinary incontinence. It is even believed that this massage, which strengthens the immune system, ensures a fitter and healthier body.

This massage is more effective if you do it in the morning, before lunch. It should be done for about 10 minutes for each knee in a clockwise circular motion (pressing slowly with your finger and staying at the point where you press for a while). Before you begin, calm yourself down by breathing calmly and focusing on your feelings. Perform the massage sitting down.

Concentrate on the massage as much as possible and let the healing process begin. This massage has a stimulating effect.

It is also said that those who massage the Zu San Li point counterclockwise in the evening lose 400-500 grams of weight per week.

However, make sure not to do this massage before going to bed so as not to lose sleep due to the ineffectiveness of the stimulant. One of the claims of acupressure experts is that the effect of massage increases during the new moon.
If you start massaging the Zu San Li point every morning 8 days before new moon, it slows down the aging process, strengthens the immune system and provides the benefits we mentioned above.
Massaging this point before lunch can also strengthen your memory, cardiovascular system and digestive system.
In the afternoon you can do this massage for stress, headache, restlessness, insomnia.

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