Hypertension may show no symptoms for many years

Emphasizing that seasonal changes cause some changes even in healthy individuals, Assoc. Dr Murat Yalçın said: “People with hypertension, heart failure, valve disease, cardiovascular disease should be much more careful when transitioning to summer after the long and more inactive winter months. The summer heat, which reaches levels that force the body balance of even healthy people, combined with excessive humidity can put a lot more strain on hypertensive patients. The reason for this is the loss of water and salts such as sodium and potassium, which are vital for the body, due to sweating and vasodilation in the summer. As a result, the blood vessels relax and blood pressure drops. “Patients with blood pressure should not neglect the use of medication, consult a doctor, have their medication adjusted and avoid foods and drinks that can raise their blood pressure,” he said.


Stating that there are two key elements in the treatment of hypertension, Cardiology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Yalçın said, “These are drug therapy and lifestyle changes. Important lifestyle changes include salt restriction, weight management, smoking cessation, alcohol restriction, healthy eating, regular exercise, and stress management. On the other hand, it is very important to take the medications your doctor deems appropriate for living with and controlling high blood pressure. With proper dietary exercise and weight management, the need for medications can be reduced. Hypertension treatment is a long-term treatment, and the harmony between patient and doctor is very important. Unless recommended and directed by your doctor, the medications should not be discontinued or their dosages changed. The belief that drugs are addictive or damage the kidneys and other organs is not true. It should not be forgotten that the main damage to the organs is untreated hypertension. Success and failure in the treatment of hypertension largely depends on patient compliance. Successful results are easily obtained in patients who pay attention to adherence and practice lifestyle changes.


Saying that the pressure exerted by the blood circulating in the arteries on the vessel wall is called blood pressure, Assoc. Dr Yalcin said:

“The state of high pressure is called ‘high blood pressure’, that is, ‘hypertension’. Hypertension is defined as systolic blood pressure greater than 140 mmHg, known as systolic blood pressure, and diastolic blood pressure, known as diastolic blood pressure, greater than 90 mmHg. Although the cause of the majority of about 95 percent is not clear, some conditions such as some genetic factors, high salt consumption, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, endocrinological disorders, renal disease and congenital heart disease can rarely cause hypertension. Hypertension is one of the most common chronic diseases in our country and in the world. There are about 1.5 billion hypertension patients around the world and about 9 million 400 thousand people die every year due to hypertension. Hypertension is responsible for about half of deaths from heart disease and stroke. The prevalence increases with advanced age, increased salt consumption and obesity. The prevalence of hypertension in the adult population in Turkey was 31.8 percent (36.1 percent in women, 27.5 percent in men). In other words, about one in three people suffers from high blood pressure.


According to Assoc. Dr. Yalçın said: “This situation is called end-organ damage. Diseases such as kidney failure, heart attack, stroke, vision problems, and rupture of major blood vessels can be considered serious organ damage. Hypertension is a disease that is preventable and treatable, although it is so common and has fatal consequences. Diagnosis is made by blood pressure values ​​measured under appropriate conditions. Hypertension is diagnosed by measurements in both arms after at least 5 minutes of rest. In addition, cigarettes, tea, coffee, etc. 1 hour before the measurement. must not be consumed. In some cases, even though there is no evidence of high blood pressure, blood pressure readings may be high in the hospital setting. He concluded his speech by saying that this condition, called “white coat hypertension,” can be diagnosed with sphygmomanometers or a sphygmomanometer.

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