If you have it in your house, you have lived! Nobody knows this effect.

In 1989, when NASA was researching how to clean the air in space stations, houseplants, especially indoors with low airflow; found that it can absorb harmful toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia from the air. This work also formed the basis of new studies on indoor plants and their air-purifying properties.

While our herbs may not be as effective as air purifying machines, they are more natural, less expensive and more therapeutic. NASA says you can put one flower for every 9 square feet of space in your home. So, what are the plants that help you purify the air while adding style to your home?

The larger the pot you put them in, the taller the tree will grow. These trees, which can also be left outside during the summer months, help to purify the air in your home while you are inside. It is known for its ability to absorb carbon dioxide.

love ladder
While the love ladder plant provides oxygen to your home, the soil also has an acid-absorbing property. This flower, which is mainly used as decoration in the home, is also good for health. It cleans the air with its dense and small leaves.

pasha sword
It is easy to care for as it is a drought resistant plant. If you keep the pasha sword in a cool and bright place, it will release oxygen all night long. It can be a strain that you can choose for its stylish appearance and the fact that it is a real source of oxygen.

hall ivy
Hall ivy, one of the best plants for removing polluted gases from the air, can completely cover the wall surface.

flamingo flower
It is very successful in removing ammonia from the air. It also absorbs formaldehyde and xylene.

It is recommended that the dracena is not preferred by cat or dog owners. Because if your pet eats this plant, it can get poisoned. It cleans the polluted air and the gas that is created when you stay in closed environments for a long time.

Chrysanthemum, one of the flowers that can add color to the home, also cleans the chemicals in the air. It is a very popular plant with its pleasant fragrance and colorful flowers.

peace flower

It is a plant with glossy leaves, elegant white flowers and often preferred for decorative purposes. All five chemicals in the air (benzene, formaldehyde, trichlorethylene, xylene, ammonia) have a serious impact on cleaning.

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