Important advice for those who do not want to gain weight during Ramadan: Do not eat quickly and too much during iftar

Mustafa Furkan Yadigar, nutrition specialist and dietitian in Kırıkkale, gave advice on good eating practices during Ramadan. Yadigar states that fast eating and carbohydrate consumption during Ramadan cause weight gain and recommends drinking at least 2.5 liters of water from the start of iftar to the end of sahur. Yadigar said that the most important meal in Ramadan is sahur, and said, “Because fasting in Ramadan means not eating in some parts of the day, many people complain about weight gain at the end of Ramadan. The most important meal in Ramadan Ramadan is sahur.” We should focus on foods that will not cause hunger pangs for a long time. We should be consuming protein and dairy products,” he said.

“In general, people fast in Ramadan without sahur”

Drawing attention to the importance of healthy diet, Yadigar said, “There is a long time between sahur and iftar in Ramadan. In this long period, when foods that balance our blood sugar levels and keep us full for a long time are not consumed, there is a feeling of hunger during iftar. However, overeating, eating too quickly. Food and consumption of simple carbohydrates are common during Ramadan. These are the basis of weight gain during Ramadan. You can start with water and continue with soup. After that , after a break of 5 to 10 minutes, we can continue with other snacks. Let’s avoid simple carbohydrates. “The important meal is sahur. We need to focus on foods that keep us full and not a long lasting feeling of hunger. We should be consuming protein and dairy products,” he said.

“In general, people fast in Ramadan without sahur”

Yadigar said that the pastry and the 3 eggs contain the same calories, “But this is the main difference between the pastry that arouses the feeling of hunger in a very short time, and the egg that gives a long-lasting feeling of satiety. The reason why we say ‘consume eggs and dairy products” in sahur is because it is long. “It gives a long feeling of satiety. Generally, people fast in Ramadan without sahur. Sahur is a meal to be made and avoid overeating during iftar,” he said.

Yadigar explained that the water loss is high due to the rise in air temperatures and said, “I don’t recommend fasting without sahur during Ramadan. There is a fasting period of 15-16 hours in Ramadan. We are losing water due to the hot weather . If we drink at least 2.5 liters of water a day, we can prevent water loss.” used.

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