Important nutrients for all age groups

exp. Dr Elif Süleymanoğlu drew attention to the importance of milk, a valuable food source, saying: “Milk is an important food secreted by mammals for their offspring. Milk obtained from small and bovine animals is also of great importance in human life. Since milk is consumed in its regular form, it is also consumed as a dairy product after several processes and added to foods. These foods that we consume after processing can be listed as yogurt, cheese, ice cream and dairy desserts. In addition to their high protein content, these foods are a rich source of many nutrients, especially phosphorus, calcium, zinc, vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12.

Contributes to the development of all age groups

Underlining that every individual should benefit from milk and dairy products, provided there is no allergic condition and their age is appropriate for milk consumption, Uzm. Dr Süleymanoğlu continued as follows:

“Because milk is rich in protein and calcium, it is important that children grow in height and develop teeth and bones. In addition, it gives satiety, is beneficial for hair and nail health and is good for insomnia, cholesterol and hypertension, showing that it is an important source of food for all age groups.

For example, a glass of milk is what a 6-year-old child needs; 35 percent protein, 6 percent energy; 52 percent calcium, 30 percent potassium, 18 percent magnesium, 55 percent phosphorus, 12 percent zinc, 30 percent iodine; It provides 9 percent vitamin A, 11 percent vitamin B1, 44 percent vitamin B2, 13 percent vitamin B6, 98 percent vitamin B12, 12 percent folate, 16 percent niacin. As can be seen from this data, milk consumed in proper amounts every day meets a significant portion of our daily nutritional needs.

For this reason, June 1 is celebrated every year around the world as “World Milk Day” to remember and remind the importance of milk to human health, its contribution to the economy and social life, and to promote the importance of milk. to emphasize. production and consumption of dairy products. All processes of milk must be controlled until it reaches the consumer, and milk producers must be supported, and people must be able to obtain healthy milk and dairy products with confidence and their consumption must be encouraged.

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