Important warning about fake sunglasses: it can accelerate the development of cataracts

With the warming of the weather, sunglasses, which are indispensable accessories of the summer months, took their place in the shop window. At that time, the experts, who warned the citizens, stated that choosing poor quality glasses and unbranded glasses sold in the bazaar market can cause major health problems in the future and cause cataracts. Pointing out that the choice of sunglasses, which are often used as an accessory in addition to protection against the sun’s rays, is one of the products that is very easy to see, but vital, Asst. associate Dr. Oğuzhan Genç emphasized that non-original, randomly bought sunglasses can have a negative effect on the eyes and even cause cataracts.

To help. associate Dr. Oğuzhan Genç said: “It is one of the most common eye diseases in the summer months or spring at the beginning of the summer months, and it is a common eye allergy in society. Eye allergies are a disease that progresses with itching, pain, and redness in the eye due to environmental pollen, pollen, or other environmental factors. Especially in our society, this disease is more common. Symptoms of the disease can include itching, burning, stinging and watery eyes. Our advice against this disease is firstly that if it clears on its own then a doctor’s check may not be necessary, but drug treatment may be necessary for patients that do not clear up on their own and are very distressing. The aim of drug treatment is to take back the complaints of the patients. However, since the disease is an allergic disease, taking precautions is much more important than having the disease.

“We do not recommend cheap and fake glasses”

Young, who advises against eye disease as a precaution, said: “We would like the patient to stay out of the sun a little longer. If you go out, sunglasses are an important factor. I would also mention glasses, because they are an accessory that we want all people to use, not just allergy sufferers. We can now find sunglasses everywhere. The quality and authenticity of the sunglasses is absolutely important. I want to draw attention to this. We do not recommend cheap glasses. If we buy sunglasses with dark wearing glasses, our pupils dilate as if we were in the dark, because of this, the sun’s rays enter the eye much more than usual, if the glass is not able to filter ultraviolet and ultraviolet light, this time the glass will have the opposite effect and do more damage.Ultraviolet rays enter the retina, the nerve layer at the back of the eye, causing degeneration and destruction in the cells there.If original sunglasses have these filters, it won’t hurt, it will benefit the patient and prevents these rays from passing. We do not recommend cheap or fake glasses, maybe a naked eye is much better than that. Non-genuine fake glasses can affect the lens of the eye and accelerate the development of cataracts.

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