Important warning after the flood: Do not use water that you suspect is unknown.

Düzce was hit by heavy rainfall on Saturday and Sunday. Hundreds of people were badly affected by the flooding that swept across much of the province after the rains. What to do after the flood, says Health Director Dr. Yasin Yilmaz explained.

Yılmaz said: “Flooding and flooding can occur during seasonal changes in our province and region. Under the influence of floodwaters and floods, drinking and utility water networks and sewers can be disrupted, environmental pollution can be transferred to surface water sources through rainfall, and wells, power and caisson wells can be contaminated without adequate protection measures. There are precautions and considerations that our citizens must take to protect public health, to prevent water cuts from causing health problems in floods and similar extraordinary situations, and to prevent epidemics. In cases where there is a water cut or access to clean water is not possible, if the tap water is to be used for drinking purposes after the cut, the water should be drained for 3-5 minutes until it becomes clear and preferably boiled and used after cooling .

“Do not use water of unknown origin that you suspect”

Dr. Yasin Yılmaz drew attention to the danger of water of unknown origin and said: “Clean food and water should be consumed, and water of unknown origin or suspected when contaminated should not be used. Drinking water should not be supplied from sources such as uncontrolled fountains, wells, tank trucks and cans between neighborhoods. Excess water should not be stored in the houses, stored or stored water should be kept in closed, clean containers and in a cool place out of the sun, even in case of water ingress, the stored water should be consumed first, with a large lidded bins with taps are preferred and their cleanliness must be constantly monitored. The water tanks used in buildings and homes that have not been cleaned must be cleaned and disinfected immediately and then periodically (once every 3 months in periods of failure, every 6 months in other periods) by servicing them.

“Make sure you sanitize raw fruits and vegetables”

Health director Dr. Yasin Yılmaz also warns against the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables in his warning: “All kinds of raw fruits and vegetables consumed after water cuts and in epidemic situations should be kept for 30 minutes by soaking 20-30 drops of 1 percent chlorine solution in to drip. a liter of water after washing (1 percent). You can easily make a chlorine solution by adding 9 glasses of plain water to 1 glass of bleach. Just note that the bleach used must not contain additives and 10 percent active chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) Packaged water (pet, glass, glass bottle and as a demijohn) must be used, ensuring that it is approved by the Department of Health.

Finally, Yılmaz said: “Our provincial health directorate, municipalities and relevant institutions are announcing to our people what our people should pay attention to for safe water consumption after the flood disaster in our city.”

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