Important warning against head trauma that can occur in an earthquake

After the earthquake in 10 provinces centered on Kahramanmaraş, Op. Dr. Yasin Levend Özçelik warned of head injuries and what to consider when removing earthquake victims from the rubble. Talking about the methods of protection against head trauma during the earthquake, Op. Dr. Yasin Levend Özçelik said: “Protecting our heads in case of an earthquake or an accident is one of the ways to protect ourselves from head trauma. Our brains are already protected because they normally reside in a bone structure. However, approximately half of trauma-related deaths following a vital accident or earthquake are due to cerebral hemorrhages. Therefore, self-protection in case of brain trauma reduces the risk of death by fifty percent. As earthquake experts have told us, protecting our heads with our hands by staying in a fetal position in a place where we form a triangle of life for ourselves during an earthquake will protect us from many blows to the head.

“While the person is being pulled from the wreckage, spinal cord injuries are also very important, along with land trauma”

Talking about what the emergency room must be like for someone who suffered a head injury in the earthquake, Op. Dr. Yasin Levend Özçelik said: “If we think that someone has suffered a head injury during the earthquake, the first thing to do is to protect his head and get it out of the wreckage. It is very important that the skull and neck remain immobile. During the removal of the person from the wreckage, it is necessary to try to understand the patient’s condition by talking, as well as to get an idea of ​​​​the general condition of the brain and the state of the brain during the accident by asking questions about his body. As we saw with the last earthquake we experienced, the health teams are doing a very good job of this. If, after the initial intervention, there is pain, numbness, or weakness in the arm, waist, leg, or any part of the person, it is necessary to pay maximum attention to the patient’s mobilization, taking into account the spinal cord injury. Because when removing the patient from the wreckage, the risk of progressive spinal cord injury with head trauma is very high. Therefore, if we do so with the utmost precautions, we will minimize such risks. Let’s not forget that we can cause more harm to the patient through inappropriate methods of disposal and transportation. Since the current agenda is an earthquake, we are talking about the earthquake by giving an example, but it is helpful to pay attention to these warnings in the event of a car accident or any other accident. If you pay attention, when rescuing someone in an earthquake or accident, a neck brace is first attached to the patient. This is extremely important to prevent the head and neck from moving. We hope that such a tragedy will not happen again in our country,” he said.

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