Important warnings from the specialist for those who will undergo nasal surgery

Specialist in nose, throat and head and neck surgery. associate Dr. Ömer Faik Sağun issued important warnings about the most preferred nasal plastic surgery. Sağun said that people consult a doctor for rhinoplasty for various reasons and said, “Nasal aesthetics is one of the most commonly performed aesthetic operations in Turkey. This operation, which is sometimes done for visual purposes, is sometimes done to relieve the person’s nasal congestion. This gives healthy noses that can breathe comfortably Changes can be made to the shape, size and general appearance of the nose to bring the nose into harmony with the face This surgery allows the nose to be reduced or enlarged, changes can be made be applied in the contour, the arch of the nose can be corrected, the nose tip can be adjusted,” he said.

“It is necessary to stay away from excessive physical activity after surgery”

Referring to the nasal repair process after the aesthetic surgery and explaining what needs to be considered in this process, Sağun said that if the patients have no problems after the surgery, they can go home within the same day. and bruises that will occur after surgery completely disappear within 3-4 days. This will heal faster. We recommend regularly applying ice to the nose and around the eyes for 2 days and keeping the head elevated when lying down. It is also considered normal to bleed from the nose for a few days after surgery. It takes a week for patients to return to work after surgery. “It is necessary to stay away from activity. It is necessary not to take a bath or in a steamy environment until the bandage on the nose is removed, and excessive facial movements should be avoided for a week,” he said.

“Night-neck clothing should not be worn for 20 days”

Sağun said there is no need for excessive bed rest during the recovery process after rhinoplasty, saying, “Patients are not restricted in their movement and movement without forcing themselves. Neck sweaters or tight clothing should not be worn for 20 days, covering the face and nose should not be touched hard for 3 weeks.” We should not wear contact lenses and glasses every day for 12 weeks. In the following periods, glasses with a light frame are preferable. At least 6 months should be waited to see the true shape of the nose after surgery,” he said.

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