In a 34-year-old patient, an artificial heart valve was placed with a closed method.

Özcan Öter, who was born with a heart condition called ‘Tetralogy of Fallot’ popularly known as purple baby disease and underwent surgery in childhood, applied to Bursa City Hospital Cardiology Clinic when faced with new problems such as shortness of breath and fatigue in advancing age. associate Dr. The patient, who was examined by Selma Edge Tiryakioğlu, was found to have stenosis and insufficiency in the artery leading from the heart to the lungs. As a result of the joint decision of the doctors, the patient was recommended to undergo surgery with the closed method. After the patient accepted the surgery, said Prof. Dr. Hakan Erkan and his team entered the femoral vein and placed an artificial heart valve in the pulmonary vein with a closed operation that took about 1.5 hours.


Assoc stated that the operation was successful and the patient was well again in a short time. Dr Selma Edge Tiryakioğlu said: “Özcan is a patient we are following up for tetralogy of Fallot. Tetralogy of Fallot is a congenital heart disease. When these patients reach adulthood, there are serious deficiencies in the valve of the pulmonary vessel and they usually suffer from heart problems failure symptoms due to this insufficiency.At these ages, the valve here needs to be intervened and replaced.When we saw our patient, Mr. Özcan, in the outpatient clinic, we came to the conclusion that this valve could be replaced percutaneously with the closed method , as a result of the studies we did. We also informed the patient about this. Our patient accepted this, and then we performed the operation.” said.

Expressing that the surgery is the preferred method of modern treatment in patients with tetralogy of Fallot, cardiology specialist Prof. Dr. Hakan Erkan, on the other hand, said: “This procedure is performed in a safe and experienced manner in some centers in our country We, as Bursa City Hospital, are delighted and happy to have performed this procedure, which has not yet been performed.” done before in Bursa.”


Özcan Öter stated that he was healthy again after the operation and said:

“I have had this condition since birth. I had surgery when I was a child. After this surgery, I came to checkups regularly. Later, when I told the doctors that there was a problem with the vessel that goes to the lungs, they said that an operation was needed and the decision was made to operate. The operation process went very well. The support of the doctors. It was very beautiful. I believe it will be even better if God allows. Both our nurses as well as doctors coped very well during the intensive care process. I stayed in the intensive care unit for two days. Then I moved to a normal room. I feel good now.”

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