In Central America, they don’t miss their tables for gut health!

Eating habits are known as one of the most influential factors in life expectancy.

So much so that a healthy diet, the key to longevity, can provide more benefits than we think, rejuvenating our bodies and enabling us to live longer.

Variables such as what you eat and how you eat are among the issues that can cause long-term shortening and lay the groundwork for several chronic diseases.

So how do people who see 100 years old eat?


As a result of the studies conducted by the experts, the people of the “Blue Zone” known as the healthiest regions of the world have solved this secret in advance. The “Blue Zone”, which represents 5 different regions of the world, consists of the island of Ikaria in Greece, the island of Okinawa in Japan, the island of Sardinia in Italy, the city of Loma Linda in the US and the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica.

While genetics increases life expectancy for people living in these regions, research; He argues that activity level, stress levels and nutrition are the biggest keys to secrets for longevity.

The people of this region, determined to eat their heaviest meals in the morning and their lightest meals at night, also stop eating after dinner.

Here are the foods most preferred by the people of the Blue Zone…


Hazelnut is one of the common snacking habits of people living in this region. For example; According to an issue of National Geographic magazine, Adventists at Loma Linda who ate nuts every day were found to have longer life expectancy, lower cholesterol levels, less inflammation and lower blood pressure than those who ate nuts infrequently. A report from the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine notes that all five Blue Zone communities are largely plant-based and consume meat only occasionally. Therefore, they get most of their dietary fat from foods such as nuts and olive oil.

Loma Linda’s Adventist community regularly eats avocados. This community gets extra potassium through the consumption of avocados so that they can keep their blood pressure to a minimum. This reduces the risk of high blood pressure. Avocado’s support for heart health has long been known. A 2019 study from Penn State found that eating an avocado a day can help lower your LDL cholesterol.

If you don’t drink a lot of coffee or want to avoid larger amounts of caffeine, tea may be preferable as a healthy afternoon drink. The Okinawan community in Japan regularly drinks green tea and regularly adds jasmine and turmeric to their cups, according to National Geographic. Green tea may help lower the risk of certain cancers, reduce inflammation in the body, boost your metabolism and even improve your brain health over time. While green tea is one of the healthiest tea choices, many other black and herbal teas also have many health benefits.


In Ikaria and Sardinia, the right chickpea is consumed regularly and is often consumed, especially in soups, snacks and main dishes as a roast. Chickpeas contain fiber, protein and healthy fats. Provides a balanced and plant-based snack. They have also been found to aid digestion, reduce cancer risk and lower cholesterol.

While it is interesting to consider consuming it as a snack, it can be consumed between meals as a light salad with your favorite herbs. This way you can adjust your daily portions. Black beans are widely regarded as one of the healthiest foods.

Not only is it a plant-based source of protein, it is also high in fiber and has been found to lower cholesterol, improve digestion and gut health, support brain and cognitive health, and help stabilize blood sugar levels. Black beans, the benefits of which were discovered by Mexicans long ago, are widely consumed in Central America.

Another thing that all the longest living people in the world have in common when it comes to bread; They don’t eat white bread. Instead, “Blue Zone” communities eat bread with whole grains. If you want a quick snack and you need carbohydrates, toast made with a delicious wholemeal bread prepared with cheese and tomatoes is best consumed as a snack or light meal.

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