Increase in deadly mosquito and flea parasites

The sharp increase in mosquito and flea populations in Antalya is causing various diseases in both pets and street animals. It was found that there was an increase in cases of internal parasites after the contact of mosquitoes and fleas that bite cats and dogs living on the street with pets.


Murat Karabayoğlu, chairman of Antalya Veterinary Chamber, stated that with the increase in flea and mosquito population, there has been an increase in cases of internal parasites, one of the deadly diseases in dogs. Karabayoğlu said that Antalya and its surroundings are a ‘parasite paradise’ due to the parasite density and said: “Extreme temperatures, abundant rainfall are a suitable environment for parasites to develop and transmit diseases. “We deal with a lot of parasitic diseases in cats and dogs,” he said.

Karabayoğlu explained that they struggle with similar ailments in domestic cats and dogs apart from strays, saying: “The cause of these diseases are mosquitoes and fleas. External parasites transmit very serious diseases. Since they are fed directly with blood, it is easier for them to transmit diseases,” he said.

CASE OF HEART worms in dogs leads to death

Karabayoğlu explained that they encountered a case of heartworms, especially in dogs and that this disease developed in the heart valves and heart vessels of the parasites in the blood, explaining that the dogs died due to this disease. Karabayoğlu explained that their main goal is to protect living beings from these diseases, also explaining how difficult it is to treat:

“The adult parasites live in the heart and veins. It creates very deadly and harrowing situations. There are diseases that can be transmitted from fleas that live on mice to cats and dogs. Fleas and mosquitoes are very busy this year. The number of illnesses has increased enormously this year. The number of people with parasitic diseases has also increased enormously.”

Murat Karabayoğlu stated that indiscriminate drug use is also harmful, and there are cases where the drug used for one cat or dog breed cannot be used for another.


Animal lovers living in the city today often visit veterinarians’ clinics. Animal lovers, who in recent years only opted for internal and external parasite injections for control and prevention, nowadays go for disease complaints and treatment. Deniz Ata, who had her cat examined by a vet, stated that her cat was sick with internal and external parasites. Ata said: “My cat has fleas, external parasites and ear scabies. My cat didn’t want to leave the house, but he suddenly got sick,” he said.

Petshop operator Adnan Boyraz said he tries to protect the health of the animals he sells with weekly checks. Boyraz stated that he didn’t come as often last year, but this year because of mosquito and flea complaints: “This year is an extreme. I have to come often. I lost two of our puppies to parasites,” he said.


Kapar stated that they can see very clearly with the complaints that mosquitoes and fleas have increased this year, saying: “We have regressed even more when we should have moved forward in terms of battle. This is currently unavoidable. There’s too much. It was not sprayed at the right time. Unfortunately this year has been busy. We used to give medicine every 2-3 months to prevent internal and external parasites, but now there is an increase in diseases. Right now it’s more like “She got sick, why?” There are those who come. We turned to disease treatment. “Our business has increased by 60-70 percent,” he said.

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