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The psychology of the people deteriorated in the region where magnitude 7.7 and 7.6 earthquakes were felt in Kahramanmaraş. Many people went to the hospitals complaining of dizziness and the fear “it looks like an earthquake is going on”. Dicle University Hospital Chief Physician and Throat, Nose and Throat Specialist Prof. dr. Dr. Mehmet Akdag warned the citizens by pointing out that vertigo has started. Chief physician Akdag noted that there may be increased vertigo that is triggered after psychological stress or vertigo.

“There is an earthquake based on the notifications”

Chief Doctor Akdağ stated that the earthquake was the reason for the surge in applications over the past two weeks, saying there could be two reasons, either psychological or oscillation. Akdağ said: “We have patients who have been intensively reporting in the past two weeks complaining of dizziness and vertigo after the earthquake. We had patients who had a history of dizziness or lightheadedness, became active or increased after the earthquake. If we look at the literature, we have 9 publications related to dizziness and earthquakes in the world coming from Japan. As is known, Japan is one of the countries with the most earthquakes in the world, there are also articles from India. When we look at the fusion pathology of this, when we analyze the relationship between vertigo and earthquake, many factors come into play in a fundamental sense. The first factor may have triggered the positional dizziness contained within the crystals, along with rotation and shaking due to trauma. It can cause dizziness by affecting the crystals in our inner ear with an involuntary oscillating motion. Second, this vertigo attack due to this shaking, which is psychologically unrelated to the movement of the crystals in the ear, may have caused this vertigo attack. Although the earthquake is the basis of the patients who applied in the past 2 weeks, the direct effect of the earthquake is the stress, trauma or dizziness that we call the oscillation or the secondary effect of the earthquake. We can say it becomes more when they have experienced that trauma in a closed environment or under a dent,” he said.

“There may also be a cerebral hemorrhage, monitoring is a must”

Akdağ reminded that any dizziness should not be attributed to a psychologist or crystals, emphasized that dizziness is experienced after cerebral hemorrhage and recalled that it should be checked for necessary tests. Akdağ said: “It is very important whether our patients are objective or not, in this disease, cerebral hemorrhage can also start with dizziness. Therefore, such patients should turn to polyclinics. We cannot say that every patient is psychologically survivable. An ENT examination is required, with a positive result of the examination, balance and hearing tests related to the inner ear are performed. If an organic cause is found in it, a treatment can be performed, we can move towards the treatment of the crystals by moving them without medication, this brings serious benefits to the patients.If it is a phobic, psychological vertigo on the ground, Psychological support should also be provided in this process,” he said.

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