Information about Strahov Monastery, the pearl of history and culture

Strahov Monastery, one of the most outstanding beauties of Prague, offers an unforgettable experience to its visitors with its historical and cultural value. The monastery’s deep-rooted history, unique architecture and internationally renowned library make it a true paradise for literature buffs and history buffs. When you step into the Strahov Monastery, a magical world full of traces of thousands of years welcomes you.

Our content, which we have prepared on the basis of all these, contains all the information that is curious about the Strahov Monastery. Here’s everything you’ve been wondering about Strahov Monastery…

History of the Strahov Monastery

The history of the Strahov Monastery goes back to the sect of the Premonstratensians, who settled here in 1143. The Premonstratensians are a community of monks known as the Roman Catholic group of saints. However, there is little information about the foundation of the monastery before 1143. During Communism, the monastery was closed and many clergy were imprisoned. However, with the collapse of communism in the early 1990s, the Premonstratensians returned to the monastery to revive it.

Architectural features of the Strahov Monastery

The Strahov Monastery fascinates its visitors with its dazzling architecture. The Church of Our Lady and the church facade by Johann Antonin Quatainer are among the most impressive parts of the monastery. In addition, the Theology Hall, where one of the 17th-century astronomical globes is displayed, and the Philosophy Hall, which is decorated with embroidery, are works of the monastery worth seeing.

Library of the Strahov Monastery

One of the main treasures of the Strahov Monastery is the library in the National Museum of Literature. This extraordinary library offers a fascinating atmosphere with its baroque ceiling frescoes and unique architecture. With a history of almost 800 years, the Strahov Library is the largest monastic library in the country. The library, which contains more than 130,000 works, contains thousands of works and rare manuscripts published before 1500. The oldest book in the library is Strahovinci, written in the 9th century. Another striking example from the rich collection of the Strahov Library is the collection that the famous Spanish writer Jorge Luis Borges mentions in one of his novels.

Strahov Monastery

What is in the Strahov Monastery?

The charming atmosphere of the Strahov Monastery is not limited to the library. Wandering through the monastic district of St. You can visit historic churches such as Roch Church and the Church of Our Lady of Assumption, where Mozart is said to play the organ. Strahov Picture Gallery, on the other hand, exhibits valuable works of art.

Places to visit around Strahov Monastery

Strahov Monastery

Strahov Monastery is also surrounded by several tourist attractions around it. These locations offer great opportunities for visitors to complete their sightseeing experience in Prague. Here are some tourist attractions around Strahov Monastery:

1. Prague Castle

Strahov Monastery is located close to Prague Castle. Prague Castle, historical buildings from the Middle Ages, the Royal Palace, St. Vitus Cathedral and Golden Alley. This fascinating castle complex is not to be missed for lovers of history and architecture.

2. Charles Bridge

The famous Charles Bridge, which can be reached on foot from Strahov Monastery, is one of Prague’s iconic structures. Built in the 14th century, this historic bridge attracts visitors with its Gothic-style sculptures and breathtaking landscapes.

3. Petrin Hill

Petrin Hill, located near Strahov Monastery, is known for its natural beauty and panoramic views of the city. Here you can visit the Petrin Tower and have a magnificent view of the city. You can also take pleasant walks and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere in Petrin Park on the hill.

4. Mala Strana

The Strahov Monastery is located close to the historic and fascinating Malá Strana district of Prague. This area features historic buildings ranging from Renaissance to Baroque, narrow streets and pretty squares. Malá Strana offers its visitors a pleasant shopping and leisure opportunity with its cute cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops.

Where is Strahov Monastery? How to go?

Strahov Monastery

The Strahov Monastery is located close to the historical center of Prague. It is located in the Hradčany district, near Prague Castle. You can easily reach the city center on foot or by public transport. The monastery is within easy reach of visitors, as one of Prague’s tourist attractions.

How long should I reserve to visit Strahov Monastery?

We recommend at least half a day to fully explore the Strahov Monastery. This time is enough to visit the library, see the churches and other important sections.

How can I get to Strahov Monastery?

The Strahov Monastery is located in the Hradčany district of Prague. You can easily reach the city center on foot or by public transport.

Are tours available to Strahov Monastery?

Yes, there are tours to Strahov Monastery. You can visit the official website or tourist information centers for information on tour options and details.

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