Interesting facts you didn’t know about China

Unknown about China

As is known, the People’s Republic of China is the most populous country in the world. According to 2020 data, China’s population reaches 1 billion 402 million on average. It is included in interesting information about China, which has such a large population.

Here are the most interesting facts about the world’s most populous country, China;

1. Phone addicts have special ways

It is said that people living in China are very dependent on the telephone, and there are special walking areas on the sidewalks where these people can walk on the road. In this way it is ensured that people who are addicted to the phone can walk safely.

2. There are 100 million people trying to live on a dollar

Interesting facts about China

Another interesting piece of information in China, which has the largest population in the world, is that more than 100 million people try to live on just $1 a day. Because the number of people is large, the money received by the working people decreases.

3. Ketchup made in China

Interesting facts about China

Ketchup, which we use with meals today, is actually a sauce produced in China that traces its origins back to China. His real name is known as “Ke-tsiap”.

4. He is very dominant in conservatism

Interesting facts about China

From the outside, China is quite dominant in conservatism and is ahead of many countries in this regard. Despite this situation, more than 50 million Christians live in the People’s Republic of China.

5. Those who want to have their chastity dice planted are registered

Interesting facts about China

There is an interesting situation regarding the hymen in the People’s Republic of China. People with a ruptured hymen have to pay an average of $700 to renew this membrane. The names of those who performed this operation are recorded.

6. Geese are used in public safety events

Interesting facts about China

In China, both geese and dogs are part of public order events. According to the latest research, dogs are being replaced by geese in China. Although it is said that geese can smell better as a reason for this, it should not be forgotten that dogs are eaten in China.

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7. Families are entitled to 1 child

Interesting facts about China

In China, due to family policy, there is only one right to bear one child. That is why 1 million people across the country have an abortion every year.

8. There are people who still live in caves

Interesting facts about China

Another interesting information in China, which has a large population, is that people still live in caves. The number of people who have no chance to live in cities and towns reaches 30 million and these people continue to live in caves.

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9. Air pollution is too much

Interesting facts about China

In Beijing, one of the most important cities in China, the oxygen in the air at some times of the year is equivalent to smoking 21 cigarettes a day.

10. A transfer deal for 10 million women has been signed with the US

Interesting facts about China

According to the data obtained, although a transfer deal of 10 million women was concluded between China and the US in 1974 to increase the population of the US, this situation could not be realized.

11. Eating dogs and cats

Interesting facts about China

In the People’s Republic of China, both cats and dogs are eaten. Every year, an average of 4 million cats are offered food in Chinese cuisine.

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12. Officers put pins under their necks

Interesting facts about China

Train conductors in China are known to put pins under their necks to keep their heads upright. This system is just one of the ordering systems in China.

13. Cannot access some social media platforms

Interesting facts about China

In China, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and The New York Times have been inaccessible since 2009. This situation explains the aforementioned measures against the US.

14. Play and use Play Station Prohibited

Interesting facts about China

Playing and using Play Station is banned in China until today. Those who used this technology received severe penalties.

15. A skyscraper is built every five days

Interesting facts about China

New tall and beautiful skyscrapers are built in China every 5 days.

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16. A child is born every thirty seconds

Interesting facts about China

In China, a child is born every 30 seconds, and one of these babies is born with an abnormality or disability.

17. The largest shopping mall in the world is located in China

Interesting facts about China

The largest shopping mall in the world is in China, but 99% of this mall is empty.

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