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Cambridge University academics are looking for people with “super memory” for a study that could reveal why some are so much better at remembering than others. According to experts, a strong memory may not just be an innate ability, as you can do some things that have been scientifically proven to help improve your memory.

In addition to playing brainteasers, experts say there are also less traditional ways, such as eating chocolate, walking backwards and spending time in the sun.

These are the strangest techniques scientists have discovered that can turn you into someone with a ‘super memory’…


Good news for chocolate lovers… It turns out that a substance in cocoa can stimulate memory. A 2021 study found that flavanols, plant chemicals abundant in cocoa beans, improved performance on a number of learning tasks for people ages 50 to 75.

The findings show that cocoa helps older people recall information in their short-term memory, but is less helpful in quickly identifying visual similarities between objects and patterns.


Research shows that spending more time in the sun can boost your short-term memory.

In 2021, experts from the University of Bradford studied how rats performed on memory tests when exposed to light. Saying that the results could also apply to humans, the team suggests we are more prone to forgetfulness during the long winter months.

The study’s author, Dr. “In the summer, animals tend to put on more weight, which helps with things like breeding and preparing for winter,” says Gisela Helfer.

But in winter, when there are fewer resources around, such as food, and also less light, the body shuts down all kinds of functions. For example, cognitive processes…


An interesting 2018 study found that people who walked backwards performed better on a memory test than those who stood still or walked forward.

Researchers at Roehampton University asked 114 volunteers to watch a video and then answer a questionnaire about what they could remember. After watching the video, the participants were divided into groups. One group was told to walk forward or backward, while the control group stood still. It turned out that the backward walking group gave more correct answers to an average of two questions compared to those who walked forward and those who didn’t.

“Memory, or memory, is the power to consciously retain in the mind what has been experienced, things learned and their relation to the past.”

Eating celery

The taste of celery is one that many people never like, but eating celery can be beneficial as scientists have found that it contains a memory-enhancing compound. The University of Illinois team in 2010 studied the effects of luteolin, also found in bell peppers, on the brain and behavior of mice.

They gave the mice a controlled diet or a diet containing luteolin supplements for four weeks and then gave them learning and memory tasks. Older mice fed a luteolin-supplemented diet outperformed their peers. Typically, older mice have more brain inflammation and do less well on memory tests than younger adult mice.

But after consuming luteolin during the experiment, brain inflammation levels matched those of the young adult mice.


Classical music has been shown to have numerous health benefits, including lowering blood pressure and helping fight infections. Studies have shown that Mozart’s works have a unique effect on the brain and memory.

Researchers at the Sapienza University of Rome used EEG machines to record the electrical activity of the participants’ brains. After listening to Mozart, they found that participants had an increase in brain wave activity related to memory, comprehension and problem solving.

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