Interesting wedding customs in the world that amaze those who see it

Interesting marriage customs of countries

We are well acquainted with the wedding customs in Turkey. Fathers who believe that “the girl’s house is a house of the Nazis”, interrupting the conversation, drinking sherbet, bridal convoy, making the bride and her mother cry on henna nights, etc. as the list goes on . But do we know what the world’s marriage customs are?

Interesting wedding customs of countries that surprise those who see and hear;

1. France

While attending the wedding ceremonies of married couples in France, the groom picks up the bride from his home and walks to the church. Young children stop him along the way with white ribbons in their hands, and the couple cut the ribbons and continue on their way. This habit means they will overcome any obstacle that comes their way. At the wedding ceremonies of the couples to be married, the guests bring their own flowers.

2. Sweden

interesting wedding customs

It is not welcome for women who come to the wedding venue in Sweden to wear red dresses. The woman wearing the color red claims to have previously had an affair with the groom.

3. Poland

interesting wedding customs

Couples getting married in Poland prefer to get married in the month with the letter “R” in it, they think the couples getting married in these months will be happier. Belly dancers are a must at weddings in Poland. In the middle of the wedding, they make the bride dance like a belly dancer.

4. Germany

interesting wedding customs

In Germany, brides wear a tiara decorated with jewels and flowers instead of a bridal tiara. At the end of the wedding, they cut the log with a saw. This shows that they can overcome the difficulties that come their way. The guests at the wedding throw grains of rice on the couple, symbolizing fertility. It is believed that at the end of the night they will have children as big as the grains of rice that are left.

5. Scotland

interesting wedding customs

Brides in Scotland are put out on the street the day before the wedding, and substances such as egg paste are mixed and thrown at the bride and the entire town is scoured. At night, the elders of the family sit in the middle and wash their feet. This custom means that the married couple will walk the path of happiness. At the wedding, the bride puts a coin in her shoes.

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6. Africa

interesting wedding customs

In many parts of South Africa, a bride price called a “lobolo” must be given to either the girls’ side or the boys’ side for marriage. It is believed that this money brings families closer together and creates mutual respect. In some parts of Africa, the man’s family gives money and peanuts at the request of the family, at the request of the girl. As the bride-to-be shares the pistachio with the groom, a piece is given to the intermediary who helps the couple unite. This means a wedding invitation for neighbors and relatives.

7. China

interesting wedding customs

In China, they play the “door game” by blocking the groom who is going to pick up the bride. The bride and groom go to the groom’s house for the “tea ceremony”. When the bride leaves the house, her friend holds a red umbrella over her head and relatives throw rice. It is believed that the umbrella protects against evil and that the rice gives abundance. At the wedding, the couple kneels 3 times. Of these, for heaven and earth, for their ancestors and for their parents. Then they kneel before each other and the bride offers tea to the guests in order of age. The person receiving the tea gives various gifts.

8. Bulgaria

interesting wedding customs

In Bulgaria, the boy goes with his best friend to the house of the girl’s family, with a special house whiskey called “rakia”, which stands for happiness, health and wealth, and a flower called “zdravet”. He brings small gifts to his father, and his father, thinking he is the head of the house, offers a drink. If the father likes the groom, he asks the girl 3 times if she is ready to get married. If the answer is positive, she will send gifts to the man’s family. A special bread is baked on the Thursday before the wedding.

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interesting wedding customs

In Turkmenistan, the first day of a 3-day marriage is called “lie celpek” and the second day is called “çın celpek”. The women gathered at home at the time of the wedding, rolled the dough called celpek and toasted it on the sheet metal. Together with the gold that Turkmen brides wear to weddings, it is almost equal to their own weight. While the weight of the jewelry alone reaches 36 kilos, it reaches 40 kilos with the embroidered bridal veil and other items called “Kurte”.

10. England

interesting wedding customs

At the very beginning of the English tradition, it is necessary to ring the bell in the church. The English, thinking the evil spirits are driven away by ringing, ring the bell and throw flowers at the couple as the bride and groom enter and leave the church.

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