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GIOEV, a subsidiary of DBE Holding, which opened its first electric charging station in the WOW Hotel next to the Istanbul Expo Center on October 26, 2022, continues its investments. After the station, which has the distinction of being the first 300 kW fast charging station commissioned in Turkey, İzmir-Balçova Selway Outlet West and East, Antalya-Manavgat, İzmir-Selçuk, Aydın-Söke, Muğla-Ula, Gaziantep Şehitkamil- Askoçlar South and North GIOEV, which reaches 9 stations in Turkey; It is preparing to expand its charging network to 20 by the end of March.

Mehmet Taha Pınar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of DBE Holding, stated that they aim to reach 50 stations by the beginning of the summer and more than 150 by the end of the year: “GIOEV not only has the first fast charging station in Turkey founded, but also the highest power charging station of a company in İzmir Balçova, also founded. The center, with a total of 5 fast charging units of 300 kW towards the Selway Outlet on the highway, has an electrical capacity of 1,500 kW and a transformer capacity of 5,000 kVA subject to the possibility of increasing this capacity in the future.” he said.


Mehmet Taha Pınar emphasized that GIOEV’s stations consist of high-speed charging units, such as 300 kW, and said, “Therefore, they must be supported by powerful transformers and appropriate electrical panels. Receiving electrical energy from the system is an art in itself.

Mehmet Taha Pinar

Therefore, the GIOEV investment requires a very large capital investment, knowledge and professional work. We have invested USD 4 million 850 thousand to date, including the commissioning of 9 stations and the delivery of a significant number of major components, unit, transformer, panel, infrastructure, construction, software and branding works. When the first phase, i.e. 50 stations, is completed, we expect this investment to reach USD 11 million 300 thousand. In 2029, we as GIOEV aim to have 510 fast charging stations spread across Turkey.” he used his words.


Mehmet Taha Pınar, underlining that the introduction of GIOEV stations on the busiest highways will put an end to the ‘charging fear’ in intercity travel, continued his words as follows: “Everyone on the road will be able to travel as they wish. With the fastest charging stations, GIOEV will make journeys with electric vehicles more comfortable and reliable. On the other hand, our efforts to set up a solar power plant continue. We bought 228 hectares of land, especially in areas with a lot of radiation. Currently 6 in total

An application has been made for a solar power plant with a capacity of 1,560.19 / 5 thousand 485 kWe. Parallel to the generation of consumption, we aim to commission solar power plants at the end of the summer. As consumption accelerates, solar power plants will be commissioned based on an algorithm.”

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