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Specialist clinical psychologist Özgenur Taşkın stated that habits and lifestyles have changed with social media, saying:
“Today it is both very easy and very difficult to communicate. To meet the need for communication and socialization, people socialized by exerting themselves in the period when social media was not yet so widely used. People first got ready to meet their friends, then they traveled a certain distance, then they thought and shared the topics they would tell in their head.

Sharing special days and special moments

However, due to the widespread use of social media, people have the opportunity to share the most important events in their lives with many people in a short time. These special days can be a wedding, wedding anniversary, birthday or death anniversary. It can announce these special days to a major media with a short image. Likes and emojis received in this way can prevent verbal communication. Unfortunately, likes have no place in expressing emotion. People want to see their friends and loved ones with them on their special days.”

Being alone on your special day makes you feel lonely

Specialist clinical psychologist Özgenur Taşkın, who noted that a person who is very popular on social media staying alone on a special day makes the person lonely, said: “A person who feels lonely can feel worthless over time and this causes make him withdraw. He can turn into a person whose sense of self is diminishing and who has weak ego power. If the psychological resilience of the person is low, unfortunately it is not possible to remain unaffected.” said.

Insufficient and insufficient use leads to addiction!

Specialist clinical psychologist Özgenur Taşkın said: “The principle of ‘just enough is enough’ is one of the sine qua non of psychiatry. People can use social media in a situation where they lose their functionality by losing their job, school and their own life. They can feel empty when they are away from social media. The person may have become addicted without realizing it.” warned.

Body Image Disorder May Occur in Adolescents

Noting that social media use also affects adolescents, specialist clinical psychologist Özgenur Taşkın said:

“A ‘body image disorder’ can occur, especially in adolescents. Adolescents can mimic various titles such as perfect skin, being too thin, or dressing too expensively on social media. In such a situation, symptoms such as dislike and feeling unwell about one’s own body may arise. Eating habits can be disrupted. Excessive exercise and handling of the body can occur. An eating disorder is one of the most difficult diseases in psychiatry to treat.

These results can happen!

Specialist clinical psychologist Özgenur Taşkın emphasized that the unconscious use of social media can lead to three main results and make you lonely:

Social media can make a person depressed.
Social media can make people addicted.
Social media can cause an eating disorder in a person.

You can get expert help

Specialist clinical psychologist Özgenur Taşkın said: “If you feel that you are experiencing the above situations and you think that social media is making you lonely, you should definitely share this with a mental health specialist. Depression, addiction, eating disorder are psychiatric illnesses with treatment, but the most important thing is to intervene at the right time.” advice given.


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