Is there a connection between headaches and high blood pressure?

Prof. Dr. Hakan Güllü made evaluations to the IHA reporter on the occasion of May 17, World Hypertension Day.

Güllü said that hypertension means high blood pressure and said: “The general reason for high blood pressure is that the vessels contract and contract more than they should be in the whole body. As a result, blood pressure occurs. Its definition in us is essential hypertension or “hypertension of unknown cause. This is what you see in most people. In a few of them, high blood pressure occurs with renal lemars, renal parenchymal tissue and adrenal disease. This is also called secondary hypertension,” he said.

“There is no link between headaches and high blood pressure”

Güllü stated that hypertension has a genetic predisposition and said, “It is usually passed down in the family. People who have inherited hypertension genes from the family will also experience high blood pressure due to the influence of the environment. When we talk about the effect of the environment, the main factors are overweight, high salt in the diet, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol consumption, smoking.These conditions facilitate the development of hypertension.Especially people with high blood pressure in their family should be careful.The characteristic of blood pressure is that it is a is an insidious disease. Blood pressure patients do not feel acute discomfort. When the patient’s blood pressure is 15, 16, 18, he may not feel discomfort. He may not seek treatment because he does not feel discomfort. For this reason, about 30 is up to 40 percent of people with high blood pressure are unaware that they have high blood pressure.Unless measured randomly, high blood pressure goes undetected. There may be an association with headaches in the public, but there is no association between headaches and high blood pressure. People don’t get headaches every time their blood pressure rises. But this is a belief among the people,” he said.

Güllü said that essential hypertension or high blood pressure that is genetically inherited from the family starts from the age of 30, Güllü said: “It keeps rising gradually over the past 10 years. Aside from this, high blood pressure, which we call secondary hypertension, is likely a secondary cause of sensations that begin before age 30 or after age 50 at a young age or later in life.
“High blood pressure is generally not a cause of complaints in people, but the most prominent symptom in people with high blood pressure is headache.”

Gullu continued:

“High blood pressure is generally not a cause of complaints in people, but the most prominent symptom in people with high blood pressure is headache. Headaches are usually in the form of a cult pain that comes from the back of the head when you wake up in the morning. This pain is felt more when waking up in the morning. As a result of measuring blood pressure, high blood pressure is detected.

“People may not need to have their blood pressure treated because they don’t feel discomfort due to high blood pressure.”

There is no permanent cure for high blood pressure. Unfortunately, patients must take medications or may require invasive blood pressure lowering. One of the important points to be considered in the hostel informed is as follows: Since people do not feel any discomfort due to high blood pressure, they may not need to have their blood pressure treated or they may not see any benefit from the drugs that they take. You take blood pressure medication, but you may not notice it immediately. This can lead to an approach like “I don’t have a problem with whether I drink or not.” Therefore, blood pressure medications are medications that are often neglected. However, blood pressure patients may not feel any discomfort at this time. However, after 10 or 20 years, this seems to us to be a vascular disease. As a result, cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease and arteriosclerosis occur that affect the vessels throughout the body, making heart attack, stroke or permanent kidney disease serious problems that high blood pressure will give us between 10 and 20 years.

Emphasizing that blood pressure treatment should be applied in the best way without wasting time in order not to have a heart attack or stroke within 20 to 10 years, Güllü said: “It is necessary to continue the medication without interruption and to have our annual checkups. There will certainly be changes in blood pressure over time, or there will be increases,” he said.

“We don’t have a treatment method like ‘never eat salt’ for our patients”

Arguing that healthcare professionals and doctors are not the only ones responsible for hypertension, Prof. Dr. Güllü said: “Patients also have a lot to do. Practically speaking, quitting smoking lowers blood pressure by one point. Quitting alcohol, eating without salt, exercising regularly for 1 hour a day are among the factors that lower blood pressure. Apart from this, eating more vegetable dishes, not meat, fatty, doughy dishes can also lower blood pressure. The first thing the patient should do is to change his eating habits. Particular attention should be paid to the use of salt. We do not have a treatment method such as ‘never eat salt’, nor do we want that from our patients. Only when he eats his food should he feel that the salt content of the food is low. If they are overweight, they must lose it. Losing weight always lowers blood pressure by 1 point,” he said.

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