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The problem of snoring is one of the health problems that reduces the sleep quality of the person and disturbs himself and those around him. “So is it possible to solve this problem?” We put the prying questions to the company’s experts! 4 TYPES OF SNORING “Snoring can be a sign of 13 different sleep-breathing disorders, most notably sleep apnea syndrome (stopping breathing during sleep). Head of the Center for Sleep Disorders Prof. Dr. Derya Karadeniz states that snoring occurs in 4 different types. Accordingly, snoring can originate from many levels in the upper respiratory tract (nose, throat). It is very important to make this distinction because nasal snoring alone does not cause sleep apnea. It does not go away with the removal of nasal congestion. Snoring may be related to the patient’s reclining position. For example, some snoring occurs when you lie on your back and disappears when you lie on your side. Snoring can be continuous. In other words, it can happen on your back or lying on your side. There is also snoring that occurs depending on the stages of sleep. For example, it is present in deep sleep, but not in other sleep periods.


Prof. Dr. Karadeniz says: “We care about all snoring, but if there is a finding that may indicate sleeping sickness, such as waking up at night with snoring, sweating during sleep, waking up tired in the morning, feeling heavy in the head, fatigue during the day, and the desire to sleep, then we attach great importance to snoring.” It is stated that every patient who snores should definitely take a sleep test. Positional snoring may be associated with breathing disorders such as sleep apnea. Or someone with lying down snoring may have difficulty breathing even though they don’t snore when lying on their side. Therefore, it is important whether snoring really exists or not.


Specialist in throat, nose and ear disorders Prof. Dr. Ozan Seymen Sezen states that snoring can occur for various reasons. According to this, reasons such as genetic structure, nasal congestion and weight gain can lead to snoring.


45% of adults snore occasionally, while 30% snore constantly. It is also known that men in particular snore more than women. Men who are overweight above the ideal snore more, and this problem gets worse as they get older. For this reason, the first steps to take to overcome the problem of snoring are to lose weight if you are overweight and quit tobacco and tobacco products if you use it.

“IT IS NOT CORRECT TO REFER TO SURGERY”Prof. Dr. Ozan Seymen Sezen, “Nasal congestion can be shown as one of the sources causing snoring. To eliminate nasal congestion and solve the snoring problem, medication or a surgical procedure may be required. But in some cases, even this operation cannot solve the problem. At this stage, it is examined whether there is a problem in the throat or root of the tongue. For these reasons, it would not be correct to direct the patient with a snoring problem directly to surgery.


The diagnosis of “sleep apnea”, that is, “polysomnography”, can be easily made with the sleep test performed on humans. Prof. Dr. Ozan Seymen Sezen states that these people cannot sleep at night due to poor quality sleep, and that they will be more prone to work and traffic accidents during the day due to sleepiness. In addition, in patients with sleep apnea problems; He underlines that diseases such as heart, blood pressure, diabetes and vascular occlusion are more common. For these reasons, he says, “it’s essential to see snoring as a sign of sleep apnea and take it seriously.” It is imperative not to delay treatment.


ENT specialist Prof. Dr. Haluk Özkarakaş talks about some operations to open the airways. One is the radio frequency method. To widen the airway, very large tonsils are reduced in size or removed using a radiofrequency method. Elevation or stretching of the soft palate is also performed. Another approach to treating snoring is some tongue root surgery. For example, the tongue root tonsils or the tongue root tissue is reduced as much as possible. There are also approaches in which the lower and upper jaw are brought forward.


It may partially contribute to simple snoring. Snoring can be reduced by switching to nasal breathing and closing the mouth. However, it cannot be completely passed on. It may not even contribute to apnea or hypopnea. Opening the stuffy nose with the required approach naturally increases the comfort of the patient.


Prof. Dr. Özkarakaş states that the duration of snoring operations is very variable, depending on the procedure to be performed. So there are those that take half an hour, and there are also operations that take a few hours. Simple snoring patients can leave the hospital the same day. Usually no problems are expected with it. However, people with a respiratory distress index of more than 40 and those with concomitant systemic problems are advised to spend the first night in intensive care.

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