It can be the cause of unhealthy hair! do not do this

In general, experts seem to agree that a single wash will do a good job of cleaning most people’s scalps. Therefore, it results in thicker, frizzier and less flaky hair. But there are times when more than one shampoo can be helpful.

Expert Dermatologist Dr. Mia Jingao. “Being an oily area, it can also cause bacterial growth, so it’s important to keep it clean to avoid things like eczema and pimples on your scalp,” he explained.


Hairdresser Shu-Lan Cheung; compares shampoo to detergent. It removes dirt and odor from both the scalp and hair strands. Depending on the formula, it can limit oil or help increase hydration. Cheung also noted that the practice promotes hair growth as a good wash stimulates the scalp.

If you wash your hair twice, you may be trying to cleanse your scalp more deeply. But still, most experts recommend not doing this in most cases.


“In general, if you’re using a quality shampoo, you should only wash your hair once,” Cheung said, noting specifically that the guidelines don’t vary by gender or hair length. “If you wash your hair less often or use multiple styling products, you may need to consider washing twice, as the first wash loosens the grime and the second washes it away.”

Cheung also emphasizes that it is not necessary to “wash three times” in most cases. He states that this can be done in cases where the hair is extremely oily, but in general shampooing should be done a maximum of two times.


Dermatologist According to Leah Ansell, even two washes are not necessary for most people, as it can cause your hair to lose some of its beneficial oils. It is especially important to keep the scalp oily and avoid excessive washing; she says eliminating that oil could cause more problems.

Ansell also informed that excessive washing can be the main cause of a number of other problems such as discoloration, dryness, split ends and dandruff.

In addition to all this information, hairdresser Cheung stated that the texture of the hair is also an element that determines how often it should be washed. For example; curly hair can become frizzy if washed too often. As a general rule, if your scalp is itchy, flaky, or even sore, you should assume you may be washing your scalp a little too much.

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