It contains miracles! They consume it to protect themselves from radiation!

Head of Phytotherapy department prof. dr. Erdem Yesilada explained the benefits of wild buckthorn. Sea buckthorn oil has been used for centuries in the treatment of eczema, burns, dermatitis, wounds and inflammation. He said that this healing power on the skin is due to powerful components such as omega 7, vitamin E, beta-carotene, antioxidants and carotenoids. Emphasizing that Omega 7 plays an important role in protecting the cell membrane against physical and emotional stress, Prof. Yesilada said: “Omega 7 provides visible improvement of the skin due to dryness of the hair and skin, loss of skin elasticity and wrinkles due to age and environmental factors.” Yeşilada stated that Omega 7 also offers a solution to problems such as dry eyes or vaginal dryness by increasing the skin’s ability to retain water: “It strengthens nails and hair. Omega 7, which helps the skin to produce collagen, increase elasticity and heal damaged skin, is also used in cosmetics and skin care products due to these properties. It is known that wild sea buckthorn oil is also a natural sunscreen.” Being the only source of Omega 7 in nature and almost never consumed as a fruit, wild sea buckthorn has been known for centuries, especially in the countries of the Far East, for eczema, sunburn and various kinds of burns, dermatitis It is very helpful in the herbal treatment of wounds and inflammation.It treats reflux, heals ulcers, lowers sugar cholesterol, prevents fatty liver disease and cardiovascular disease.


Omega 7 also helps to increase the body’s collagen production. In this way, it prevents the skin from wrinkling by losing its elasticity after many years, and it also removes wrinkles by adding flexibility to the skin.


CONTAINS PALMITOLLIC ACID! Although palmitoleic acid is found in a thousandth ratio in almost all plants, it is found in very high amounts in only two plants. Macadamia nut oil and ‘sea buckthorn’. It is found at a rate of 31%, especially in false wheat. This alone explains the healing power of this plant, which has been known for centuries, even if we do not take into account the antioxidants it contains. Since palmitoleic acid is a component of the skin’s fat layer, it is a miracle that it benefits cell tissue and wound healing and can be applied directly to the skin.

Genghis Khan’s Miracle Weapon!

In addition, Genghis Khan miraculously recovered when he fed this plant to his sick horses that were about to die. Moreover, by issuing orders, Genghis Khan has now fed this miracle plant to his army at every meal. It has a very high percentage of vitamins A, C and E, which the soldiers of the Mongol ruler Genghis Khan consumed to store energy. Sea buckthorn contains 5 types of vitamins and 140 minarets. 95% can be found in China and Mongolia. In addition, it is reported that Russian cosmonauts ate the fruits of ‘sea buckthorn’, a natural source of Omega 7, and used wild buckthorn oil in their creams to protect themselves from the harmful effects of solar radiation during their travels in space. Yuri Gagarin used to eat a lot of this plant for spacewalks.

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