It disrupts the hormones, traps your body!

It is known that hormones control the body from the womb. When the hormonal balance is disturbed, there is a danger of many diseases. According to experts; The complete control of the endocrine system lies in the brain. The pituitary gland in the brain controls this through the hormones it secretes. When this control is broken, you can get diseases that you can’t even imagine.

The complete control of the endocrine system lies in the brain. The pituitary gland in the brain controls this through the hormones it secretes. The endocrine system consists of endocrine glands, which make hormone synthesis and secretion. The organ that the hormone affects is called the target tissue.

Hormones control the body from the womb. From the growth and development of the fetus in the womb, the body is under the control of hormones. Hormones are mediators that transmit commands necessary for an organ to function. Hormones determine height growth, bone growth, puberty and fertility. In addition, hormones stimulate the brain during illness. Disruption of the hormonal balance negatively affects all systems in the body.

Experts explain this situation as follows;
Damage to the endocrine cells in the pancreas leads to disruption of the insulin response that should be given when sugar enters the body.

Factors that disrupt the thyroid gland also negatively affect the hormones secreted here.
Endocrine-disrupting chemicals are at the forefront of the conditions that negatively affect hormones and disrupt their functions.

Endocrine disruptors can cause breast, prostate and testicular cancer, obesity, diabetes, reproductive diseases, puberty disorders, autism, hyperactivity and weakening of the immune system.

Chemicals mimic hormones by building up in the body. Due to widespread industrialization and technological developments, many products containing chemical substances are inseparable from life.


These chemicals, also called endocrine disruptors, cause the release of hormones produced by the body, their amount reaching the target organ and changes in their effects there. It affects the reproductive systems, thyroid and pancreas functions.

Some endocrine disruptors can cause menstrual irregularities in women by exhibiting effects similar to those of estrogen.
Chemicals that mimic iodine and create an iodine effect can also interfere with thyroid functions.

Medications and nutritional supplements used by athletes to accelerate muscle building can also disrupt the endocrine system due to their cortisone and growth hormone content.

There are also substances that cause diabetes by interfering with insulin secretion. Environmental pollution is also one of the endocrine disruptors.

Endocrine disruptors are divided into natural and chemical.
Phytoestrogens are natural endocrine disruptors.
Vegetables and fruits such as garlic, soybeans, grains, parsley, apples are examples of these phytoestrogens.

Since they are excreted from the body without accumulating in the tissues, they have almost no side effects. They show a significant effect when consumed intensively.
Natural endocrine disruptors can adversely affect the reproductive system in women because they usually mimic estrogen.

Slimming teas or dietary supplements obtained from plants containing phytoestrogens are also cited as examples of natural endocrine disruptors.

What Are Chemical Endocrine Disruptors?

Chemical endocrine disruptors are found in almost everything used in everyday life. They are present in agriculture, industry and food.

Packaged food
Cleaning supplies
Heavy metals
electronic goods
Dirt and stain resistant fabrics
Refractory pots and pans with non-stick coating
and chemicals from the packaging of these products

These substances accumulate in the tissues and damage the body. The effects can be long lasting and permanent. They have properties that can be passed down from generation to generation by disrupting gene structure. These substances can adversely affect the endocrine system even at very low doses. In particular, chemicals exposed in the womb can cause serious and lasting health problems in the baby.

It is necessary to avoid products containing these substances as much as possible, especially to keep children away. It is necessary to adopt unprocessed, natural eating habits, favor products with clean chemical content and use endocrine-disrupting products as little as possible.

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