It extends life by 20 years, the secret of a healthy life is hidden in it!

After years of research on dolphins by public health researcher and veterinarian Stephanie Venn-Watson, she found a striking parallel between the age-related disease risk of animals and the changes occurring in humans, and how much nutrition involved. this process.

Based on this data, studies are being conducted thanks to Venn-Watson to get better data on how you can benefit from more saturated fat and C15:0 content.

Research shows that for more C15:0 in the nutritional system, consuming the right amount of food, such as grass-fed cattle butter, reduces the risk of disease and improves health and general fitness.

Evidence has shown that butter, full-fat dairy products, certain fish, algae and mushrooms can help increase levels of the compound C15:0. More research is needed to determine the optimal level for humans.

Expert dietitian Brigitte Zeitlin told Insider that it’s not surprising that the different food groups of fatty foods play a role in healthy eating, while saturated fat isn’t the scary kind of fat; He states that the most important thing is the source of the oil.

Zeitlin recommends consuming just over a tablespoon of high-quality butter per day and one serving of full-fat dairy products per day to reap the benefits, as long as you don’t overdo it.

The data indicated that butter and dairy products from grass-fed animals could be a richer source of C15:0.

Although research has shown an association between C15:0 and better health in humans, it was not clear whether this was due to milk fat.

Research by Venn-Watson over the years to understand the link between dolphins’ fatty acid and human health has shown that if they have high levels of C15:0, they are more likely to lead healthy lives to lead.

Venn-Watson argues that the dolphins don’t get cheese or butter in their diet, they get the C15:0 compound from an entirely different fish source.

The next goal, says Venn-Watson, is to find out why people who increase their C15:0 levels experience benefits such as better sleep and feeling full longer.

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