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Nuts are the skin’s greatest medicine. Walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts, which destroy acne and rejuvenate cells, should be consumed regularly. Here are the details…

Tea or nuts that can be consumed as usual keep the body full.



Hazelnut belongs to the zinc-rich foods and is recommended to be consumed regularly for its skin-repairing effect.

Hazelnut also maintains the skin’s natural moisture balance. It eliminates problems such as dryness and irritation.

Hazelnut is very rich in vitamin E. In addition to zinc support, it also provides collagen support to the skin.

It helps tighten the skin while removing the signs of aging. You can restore the health of your skin by adding 4-5 hazelnuts to your diet list every day.

Walnuts contain healthy fats. It is a powerful source of fiber. Compounds called vitamin E, melatonin and polyphenol provide antioxidant properties in the membrane surrounding the walnut. Thanks to this property, walnut prevents premature aging. It prevents wrinkle formation and the formation of fine lines on the skin.

If you have wounds on your skin and it is very irritated, you can restore the skin barrier and make the skin stronger by consuming walnuts. Walnut is also effective for bags under the eyes and bruises. It brightens the skin and increases its resilience.

Studies by scientists have shown that almonds protect skin health.

Women who ate almonds had 15 percent fewer wrinkles in the 16th week. When you consume almonds daily, you strengthen your skin barrier and prevent the skin from being damaged by external factors.

Consuming almonds helps you to have glowing and vibrant skin at all times as it renews the cells.

Almonds are rich in antioxidants, the main needs of young and healthy skin. In this way, almonds fight oxidative stress that damages cells.

Pumpkin seeds are very effective for skin imperfections, pimples, acne, blackheads, wounds and irritation.

Pumpkin seeds, which are high in zinc, also contain other useful components. These components and vitamins contribute to cell regeneration and beautify the skin.

Eggs, which are indispensable for breakfast, are a delicious food. Eggs are highly nutritious and a complete protein store.

Eggs contain all nine amino acids that your body cannot produce. These amino acids, on the other hand, increase the work of appetite-suppressing hormones in your gut after they’re digested.

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