It lowers blood sugar in minutes! Healing diabetes patients…

Type 2 diabetes is a disease that can be difficult to diagnose. Problems such as late symptoms or very general symptoms can cause progression. In cases where it is not controlled, it is necessary to lower blood sugar, which has risen to a dangerous level, to a healthy level as soon as possible. That is why good nutrition is very important.

A study published in the Saudi Medical Journal found that consuming celery had a significant effect on blood sugar levels. Researchers analyzed the effect of celery leaf extract on blood sugar levels in elderly diabetics.

Prediabetes is a health condition in which blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not yet high enough to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

This study was conducted between March and November 2014 in Indonesia, Banda Aceh, Syiah Kuala University School of Medicine. The study included elderly people over age 60 who had 16 prediabetes (prediabetes).

Celery was given to one group of these people, who were randomly divided into two groups, while the other group was not. During the treatment, 250 mg celery leaf extract was given three times a day (morning, noon and evening) 30 minutes before meals for 12 days.

Researchers found that those taking celery leaf extract had a “significant decrease” in their postprandial sugar. Post-treatment blood glucose levels dropped by 19.5% in the group that consumed celery.

The Postprandial Plasma Glucose Test is a blood test that measures blood sugar levels after a meal containing a certain amount of carbohydrates. A blood test is done two hours after consumption. Thanks to this test, the researchers concluded that celery was quite effective in lowering blood sugar.

To control blood sugar, you need to pay attention to the glycemic index. The GI (glycemic index) is a rating system for foods that contain carbohydrates. It explains how quickly each food affects your blood sugar when eaten alone.

Foods containing carbohydrates, which are quickly broken down by your body and cause a rapid rise in blood sugar, are defined as high GI foods. high GI foods;

Sugar and sugary foods

Sugary soft drinks

White bread


White rice

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