It reduces the risk of death by 16 percent! Only the Japanese know

Nutrition is very important for the health of your body. You can live a long life by taking care of a healthy diet and improving your quality of life. Nutrients are directly related to the health of your body.

Especially since some foods contain vitamins and minerals, they provide resistance against diseases and make your immunity strong. Add these foods to your diet list to lead a healthy life and live long

In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, experts shared a list of nutrients that extend longevity. According to researchers, consuming these foods regularly can help you live 100-200 years.

Garlic is a natural antibiotic. It maintains the health of the body and makes the immunity strong. It supports the breakdown of carcinogens. It also contains immune-boosting substances.

The sulfur in garlic breaks down carcinogens in the body. According to studies, people who regularly consume garlic are 50 percent more likely to get stomach cancer than people who eat little or no food.

Green tea, a must for those who take care of their health and those who want to lose weight, helps improve cardiovascular health.

Green tea, indispensable in Japanese cuisine, regulates blood pressure and helps strengthen the immune system. It also balances cholesterol. For this reason, it is recommended to drink 1 cup of green tea every day if you have no health problems.

Green tea is also metabolically friendly and regulates bowel movements. Research suggests that green tea, rich in health-promoting flavonoids, may also help reduce cancer risk.

Research results published in the Journal of the American Medical Association seem to support these health claims as well. A study of more than 40,000 participants found that those who drank 3-4 cups of green tea a day were 16 percent less likely to die.

Olive oil is an excellent source of antioxidants. Studies show that olive oil contains phenols that have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. With this property, olive oil helps you to get resistance against cardiovascular diseases.

Olive oil also regulates the digestive system and prevents constipation. Olive oil also forms the basis of the Mediterranean diet, which is considered the healthiest diet in the world. To lose weight in a healthy way, you can consume olive oil and use it in meals.

The Japanese are widely known as the longest living people in the world. Therefore, the diet of the Japanese is also very curious by everyone.

Many researchers attribute this to diets high in fish. Choosing fish over red meat not only reduces the risk of many red meat-related health problems, such as heart disease.

At the same time, oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines and trout have many different health benefits. Oily fish is a good source of vitamins A and D, which strengthen the immune system.

cranberries; It is packed with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and immune-boosting herbal extracts. In particular, the phytochemicals in red currants fight cancer-causing molecules.

In a study led by Cornell University, researchers tested cranberry extracts on human breast cancer cells and found that most cancer cells were gone within 4 hours.

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