It starts in 10! You will not be in pain for the next 5 years…

Especially head, neck and joint pains have a very big influence on human life. You can solve this problem with natural materials. Thanks to this simple recipe that I give you, you will not have pain for 5 years! It’s a bit ambitious, but this is the general opinion of everyone who does it, trust! We only need 10 tablespoons of quality salt and 20 tablespoons of olive oil.


You don’t need much effort to prepare this recipe. All you have to do is mix the ingredients in a glass bowl. If you close your mouth tightly, your mixture will be light within two days.


Apply the mixture to the painful area, preferably in the morning. Feed it by rubbing. If the pressure builds up and you can’t stand it, start with 2-3 minutes and gradually build up to this minute. Experts say that 20 minutes of massage is enough. Then gently wipe with a damp towel.

If your skin gets irritated, you can apply baby powder to the irritated area to relieve it. Within 10 days, the mixture will begin to act on your skin and your muscles will begin to regenerate into cartilage and bone ligaments. You will see drastic changes in 8-10 days!

While applying the treatment, your pain will disappear completely. You get healthy blood circulation and sharp vision. Your body is cleansed of toxins and your metabolism reaches the healthiest state.

Research in Germany has shown that the most natural method for treating paralyzed limbs is pickle salt and olive oil. It is not only used in paralysis problems, but also in the healing of immobile and lifeless organs after rheumatism and fractures.

As a result of experimental research, the fingers of a patient whose toes were paralyzed were restored after applying this mixture. For this reason, we can recommend this mixture to our relatives and friends who have paralysis problems.


1 liter of pure natural olive oil
Half a kilo of pickle salt
Preparation of:
1 liter of natural, that is, pure olive oil and half a kilogram of pickle salt are placed in a bowl and thoroughly mixed.
To make it easy and practical for you, you can mix the materials and store them in 2.5 liter PET bottles.

Find a suitable area for the mix to see the sun. The area you find should be one that you can easily access. The reason for this is to shake the mixture throughout the day and make sure the salt dissolves in the oil. If the air temperature averages 25-30 degrees, it is enough to leave the mixture in the sun for 10 days.

After mixing olive oil and pickle salt and preparing it, apply the mixture to the paralyzed area as if you were applying sunscreen in a sunny area. Everyone will be surprised by the movement that will occur in the paralyzed area immediately after applying the mixture.

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