It was used as medicine in ancient Egypt and China!

Pollen is dust collected by bees from male flowers. By capturing this dust with their feet, bees also contribute to the reproductive process called pollination. A significant number of bees come to the hive with their hind legs attached. A brush-like device attached to the hive inlet is used to collect pollen for commercial purposes. Bee pollen is one of the oldest known dietary supplements.

Bee pollen has a use that dates back to ancient Egypt and China. Although pollen is very rich in B vitamins, it contains several minerals, amino acids and enzymes. It is also known that pollen contains 55% carbohydrates, 35% protein, 3% minerals and vitamins and 2% fatty acids. It contains small amounts of beta-carotene, selenium, vitamins C and E, and lycopene and flavonoids.

It is a very effective food in strengthening the immune system, weight management, alleviating allergies and slowing down the aging process. In addition, studies show that it eliminates the side effects of radiotherapy. As much as bee pollen is used as nutritional support by sick people; It is also used by people who work in jobs that require strength and endurance, and by athletes.

Heart disease is increasing day by day. To avoid this situation it is necessary to pay attention to pollen consumption. Pollen, which cleanses the blood vessels to the heart, also lowers bad cholesterol. It is recommended to take advantage of the benefits of pollen to avoid problems such as cardiac compression, risk of crisis and vascular occlusion.

Pollen is a food with anti-inflammatory properties. With this feature, you can help get rid of the inflammation in your body in a short time. Combined with the antioxidant effect, swelling and various inflammatory conditions in your body can be improved. Regular consumption can prevent the risk of inflammation.

According to ongoing scientific studies; Bee pollen prevents cancer cells from spreading throughout the body. Pollen, which kills cancer cells, is a nutrient that helps you have a healthy body and life. You can consume pollen to take precautions against many types of cancer.

Bee pollen takes about 2 hours to digest. Various forms of pollen are available for sale as capsules, tablets, and granules. Bee pollen should be used as a quarter teaspoon in the beginning and the amount should be increased by a quarter spoon every week. It is recommended to use up to 3 teaspoons of pollen 1-3 times a day. There are also liquid forms of pollen for use on the skin. It is effective on wounds, bruises and bruises.

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