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By adding a few foods to your diet list, you can reduce your intake of raw calories and benefit from the vitamins you need. You can lose excess weight in a short time with these high nutritional value but low calorie foods. Here are some foods that will help you lose weight and should be on your diet list…


Broccoli, which is very low in calories among green leafy vegetables, is high in water and fiber. Broccoli speeds up metabolism, revitalizes the digestive and excretory system. Since it reduces appetite, it keeps you full all day long. Spinach, on the other hand, promotes digestion and is diuretic. Both conditions have an effect on weight loss. If you want to lose weight and become slim in a short time, you should definitely include spinach in your diet list. Spinach helps reduce the hunger hormones in our body. This way you prevent sudden crises of openness.


Almonds are one of the healthy snacks that make it easier to lose weight. The fact that almonds contain high-quality protein and are rich in healthy fats keeps the person feeling full longer. Since almond is a hard food, it is difficult to chew and this satisfies the person’s chewing sensation. Almond, which contains a lot of fiber, speeds up bowel movements. Thus, it facilitates digestion.


Consuming green lentils during a diet speeds up the metabolism and gives you a lot of energy. Since green lentils are a good source of fiber, you can eat less of them and feel full all day long. Lentils facilitate digestion as they move through the intestines. A good metabolism goes through a good excretory system. Healing of the excretory system facilitates weight loss.


Because quinoa has a high protein content, it gives a feeling of satiety. In addition, it has a rich calcium content that speeds up the metabolism. Consuming quinoa gives energy to the body. Thanks to all these aspects, quinoa ensures that you are full quickly and get hungry late. It works the intestines because of its high fiber content. Quinoa, which gives the person the necessary energy, helps those who are on a diet as it keeps them full for a long time.


Chickpeas are a great food source for anyone who wants to lose weight… Chickpeas have both a high nutritional value and a long-lasting feeling of satiety thanks to the fiber they contain. For this reason, it should be included in the diet lists. Chickpeas also control bowel movements by ensuring regular functioning of the digestive system. It allows you to get rid of the edema that has accumulated in your body for a short time.

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