Its deficiency causes intense dandruff and itching in the hair!

The secret to strong and vibrant looking hair is actually based on quality of life and environmental factors. Harmful factors such as intense work stress and busyness of life, poor eating habits, lack of vitamins, insufficient water intake, smoking, alcohol, irregular sleep, air pollution, exposure to excessive heat can have serious negative effects on the health of your hair.

A vitamin deficiency can directly affect hair health. Due to the hectic pace of life, it is often not possible to make time for regular nutrition. For this reason, the vitamins from the foods consumed may be insufficient to meet your body’s needs. As a result, your hair can become lifeless and sparse and hair loss can occur.

Vitamins for hair can be used against hair loss. It is important to have knowledge about vitamins that are good for hair. Thus, people with hair loss can learn which vitamin deficiency causes hair loss and prevent this problem thanks to vitamins for hair.

Vitamins for hair are very diverse. Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Zinc and Iron are some of them. Each vitamin has different roles and functions in the body. It should not be forgotten that an excess of vitamins and a deficiency of vitamins is harmful to the body and hair.

The doctor determines which vitamin and how much is missing in your body. Supplementation of the missing vitamins is recommended by your doctor on the basis of blood tests and tests performed in a full-fledged hospital. Hair nourishing vitamins can be found in tablets or in hair care products.

Vitamin A
In addition to supporting the development of all cells in our body, vitamin A also contributes to strengthening the immune system with its antioxidant effect. It supports the development of all other organs such as hair, eyes, skin, bones, liver. It helps to maintain the moisture balance of the hair.

Thanks to sebum production, it contributes to the nutrition of the hair follicles and scalp. Vitamin A deficiency can cause an itchy scalp and dandruff. Excess intake of vitamin A can damage the liver by causing toxicity in the body. Among the foods that contain vitamin A, vegetables, eggs and dairy products can come to the fore. Care should be taken to consume these foods in proper amounts.

Which foods contain vitamin A?
Full Milk
Egg yolk
Sweet potato

Dried apricots
Red pepper

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