Joint pain lasting longer than 3 days should be considered

In addition to aging, joint calcification, which develops as a result of excess weight, sedentary life and sports that we perform alone without the help of a specialist, affects the comfort of life of people of all ages. Experts who stated that early diagnosis is important with joint calcification as with all health problems; It warns citizens that it is absolutely necessary to consult a specialist when there are problems such as unusual noise from the joints, feeling of clicking, severe pain, blocking or stuck during daily work.

According to the information obtained as part of the study, it is revealed that a quarter of the adults in the world suffer from musculoskeletal problems that limit daily activities, while these problems include joint calcifications in the province. Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Op. Dr Mutlu Güngör said: “One in 7 doctor’s examinations in the world is associated with musculoskeletal problems. Articular calcifications, widely known as the problem of people over 65, have dropped to 30 years of age today. During and after Due to the Corona virus epidemic, many jobs become easier due to inactivity.” As a result, the increasing joint calcifications must be treated at the initial stage. If these issues are not addressed, the living comfort of citizens will be negatively affected.” he said.

Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Op. Dr. Mutlu Güngör said: “These pains can be excruciating, unaware of the pain that lasts for months and gradually increases in intensity. Articular calcifications due to aging can also occur or progress treacherously slowly. For this reason, according to the voice of pain in the joint areas of our body should be listened to and an orthopedic doctor should be consulted without wasting time so that it does not cause greater problems in the future.

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