Joint Ring Trend | Which fingers are used?

Women’s love for accessories never ends and never will. Accessories fascinate women with their wide variety, colors and patterns. Rings, one of women’s favorite accessories, are taking a different turn this season.

What is the Joint Ring Trend?

The trend of the joint ring has become extremely popular in the fashion world in recent years. This style of rings, unlike traditional rings, is usually worn on the middle of the fingers. As the name suggests, knuckle rings have become quite popular to wear on knuckles.

The joint ring trend is very popular, especially among jewelry and accessory lovers. These rings can be made of different materials and have different designs. This makes it possible for everyone to find a joint ring to their taste.

Especially in recent years, the joint ring trend has been on the rise. Celebrities also started using this style of rings, making the trend more widespread. This trend is also popular among people of different age groups and has even become one of the must-have accessories for many women.

Joint Ring Fashion History

Joint ring trend

Although joint rings are a popular jewelry trend today, they actually have a historical background. The origin of these rings goes back to ancient times. Joint rings, first used in ancient Egypt and Greece, became popular in subsequent years during the Roman Empire.

Joint rings were very popular especially in the Roman Empire when they were used. The purpose of these rings was to indicate the status of nobles and rulers. The gems and ornaments used in the rings showed the wealth and power of the person.

During the Middle Ages, joint rings were still used, especially by noble women. During this period, the gems and ornaments attached to the upper parts of the rings again reflected the person’s status.

Today, joint rings are notable for their modern and minimalist designs and their historical origins. This style of rings is especially popular with young women. Joint rings, which can be found in different designs and materials, allow you to create different styles by combining them.

Joint Ring Models and Types

Joint ring trend

This style of rings, unlike traditional rings, is usually worn on the middle of the fingers. Joint rings can be made of different materials and also have different designs. Here are the most popular models and types of packing rings:

Ring joint rings

These joint rings are designed in a ring shape and are worn on the middle part of the finger. They are usually thinner and more elegant models.

Chain joint rings

These rings are formed by combining two or more linked rings with chains. They can be combined with different designs and colours.

Moon Rings

It is designed in the shape of a crescent moon and worn on the knuckles. It is very popular with silver or gold colors.

Nail Rings

These rings are worn on the fingertip and are designed in the shape of nails. They can be combined with different colors, patterns and stone ornaments.

Crystal joint rings

They are usually models with a single stone and crystal details. It is very popular for its glittering appearance.

Animal-shaped joint rings

These joint rings attract attention with their designs of animal figures. For example, snake or cat designs.

Vintage Joint Rings

They turn heads with their retro looks and old-fashioned designs. They can be combined with different materials.

How are joint rings combined?

Joint ring trend

Joint rings can be worn alone or in combination with other rings. If you want to combine this style of rings, there are some points you should pay attention to. Here are some tips for combining joint rings:

Few decisions, most losses

Be sure to combine the knuckle rings without going overboard. Having too many rings on your finger can make your combination look mixed and busy.

Harmony of color and material

Using rings of different colors and materials together can make your combination look messy. By combining it with rings in similar shades and matching materials you get a more elegant look.

Different sizes

By using connecting rings of different sizes, you can create an effect that covers all your fingers. For example, you can create a different size by combining thin bezel rings with thick chainrings.

Finger Selection

When wearing knuckle rings, it is also important which finger you wear them on. It is generally preferred for index and middle fingers. However, it can also be used on other fingers depending on the sizes and designs of the rings.

Other accessories

When combining knuckle rings, think about your other accessories. By combining it with large earrings, bracelets or necklaces you create a balanced combination.

Why do women prefer joint rings?

Joint ring trend

The types of rings that converge on women’s fingers attract everyone’s attention. Lame, golden or colorful chirping colors create a beautiful image on women’s fingers. With stylish joint rings, the elegance of the fingers becomes more elegant and eye-catching with colorful nail polishes. The rings also begin to fit on the joints. These different rings produced by many brands have become the darling of women.

Although the colors and models of the rings are quite ambitious, attaching them to the joints becomes more assertive. Joint rings are available in stores with models suitable for every woman’s style. You can get all kinds and colors at all accessory stores. You can choose different models of joint rings and create your own style.

What fingers should knuckle rings be used on?

Joint rings are generally used on thinner fingers such as the ring finger, middle finger and index finger. However, as a trend in recent years, a joint ring is worn on each finger. This is entirely up to personal preference and may vary depending on finger size and ring size.

How to choose the size of knuckle rings?

The size of joint rings differs from normal rings. Most knuckle rings are made in smaller sizes and can be slightly larger than regular rings because they are worn on the knuckles. When choosing a knuckle ring, it is recommended to take finger measurements for the correct size. It should also be noted that due to the thin design of the rings, they can easily slip when moving. Therefore, before purchasing a joint ring, it is advisable to take finger measurements and ensure that the ring is the correct size.

What outfits can knuckle rings be combined with?

Knuckle rings usually have a more minimalist design and can therefore be easily combined with different clothing styles. For example, they can be worn with more sportswear, jeans and t-shirts. They also go well with more elegant and feminine outfits and, for example, create an elegant look when worn with a dress. Also, the joint rings, available in different colors and designs, easily match many different outfits.

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