Karaca Vitola Pressure Cooker Set Features and Reviews

Karaca Vitola, one of the best pressure cookers, gets full marks from its users for saving both energy and time. Karaca Vitola, which has a safe and modern design, preserves the nutritional values ​​of the meals thanks to the pressure system. For this reason, we have made a detailed review in our content for those who are considering buying Karaca Vitola. Let’s watch together.

Features Karaca Vitola pressure cooker

Body material Stainless steel
Capacity 4+6L
base Induction
Induction compatibility There is
Removable handle No
Level 2 Phase

Karaca Vitola Pressure Cooker Set Review

Karaca Vitola Pressure cooker stands out for its modern design and ease of use. This pressure cooker is made of high-quality stainless steel and offers many years of trouble-free use thanks to its durability. In addition, thanks to its energy-saving special bottom, it prepares meals faster because it heats up quickly and evenly. This pressure cooker set consists of two pots, 4 liters and 6 liters, and offers options for different needs.

Roe Vitola Properties

  • Contents 4 + 6 litres
  • Casing made of 18/10 stainless steel
  • Glass lid
  • security lock
  • Induction compatible soleplate
  • Open with one hand

Roe Vitola bodily material

Karaca Vitola Pressure Cooker is an excellent option for those looking for time savings, energy efficiency and delicious meals in the kitchen. It will make your kitchen more efficient with its durable structure and ease of use. This pressure cooker set, which is impact-resistant thanks to its 18/10 stainless steel housing, is also suitable for use in the dishwasher.

Karaca Vitola design features

Body material Stainless steel
Clock display No
One-handed opening There is
base Induction compatible

How is the Karaca Vitola pressure cooker used?

Karaca Vitola pressure cooker set

To open the Karaca Vitola pressure cooker, turn the lid handle clockwise. Then put the food in it, not higher than the maximum level. After you are sure that the rubber cover of the Karaca Vitola is in place, place the lid on the pan and press the close button. You may burn the bottom of your food after adjusting the level setting to suit the type of food you are cooking. When steam starts to come out of the pressure control valve, turn down the pressure cooker. Finally, when your food is cooked, release the pressure inside by setting the pressure control valve to zero and safely open the lid by turning it clockwise after the steam has completely dissipated. Using the Karaca Vitola pressure cooker is that easy.

How to Adjust Karaca Vitola Level?

Karaca Vitola pressure cooker works on two different levels. To adjust the level you have to take it to the part that says 1 or 2 on the pressure control valve. The 1st stage, used for products such as vegetables, cooks by applying a pressure of 0.65 bar. The 2nd level pressure, used for more difficult to cook foods such as meat and legumes, exerts a pressure of 0.86 bar, preserving the nutritional value of the food and cooking it faster.

Roe Vitola Cooking times

Red lentils 8-10 minutes Level 1
Dry Beans (soaked) 15-35 minutes Level 2
Dry Beans (not soaked) 60 minutes Level 2
Chickpeas (Soaked) 15-35 minutes Level 2
Chickpeas (not soaked) 60 minutes Level 2
Green lentils 15 minutes Level 2
Veal 30 minutes Level 2
Beef 45-60 minutes Level 2
Lamb meat 30 minutes Level 2
Fish 3 minutes Level 1
Turkey 30 minutes Level 2
Whole chicken 15-20 minutes Level 2

Roe Vitola Capacity

Karaca Vitola offers two different sizes depending on your needs and family size and comes in 4 and 6 liter capacities. Thanks to the compatible glass lid and pressure lid, it offers the possibility to use both pressure cooker and normal pot.

Karaca Vitola pressure cooker set

Karca Vitola pressure cooker set offers energy savings

One of the main features of the Karaca Vitola Pressure Cooker is that it reduces cooking times. Thanks to the advanced pressure cooking system, food can be cooked faster with the pressure cooking method. In this way you can save 70% time and 50% energy. In addition, the pressure cooker’s high pressure helps you prepare more nutritious meals by preserving the food’s vitamin and mineral values.

Reviews Karaca Vitola pressure cooker

Karaca Vitola pressure cooker set

👤 Our previous pot was Roe, but it was 3 litres. We bought this because it wasn’t enough. Don’t be surprised by the deer and this cover system. I researched a lot. I am happy with Karaca, if I bought it I would buy Karaca again H*** A***

👤 It’s a great set, I’m very satisfied, it’s very safe and I like to use solid steel. HUSBAND***

👤 The cover leaks from the sides. For this reason, we must use it on very low heat. It’s good for cooking. It would be better without the leak. H*** M****

👤 If you put boiling water and it boils, water leaks from the tires, so it drips and takes in air, but if you put cold water and it expands, there is no problem. M**** B***

👤 I am very satisfied, it may be simple for those who want multi-functionality, but since I only use it for legumes, it was enough… The steel quality of the product is also very good for its price. HORSE***

👤 I tried it the day it arrived and had no issues, the meat cooked really well. I hope it stays that way 🙂 The product was shipped in its own box, but at least it wasn’t damaged. S***G***

👤 A successful product. I have not encountered any problems with the quality. The only problem is that the cooking times in the owner’s manual seem a bit long. For example, if you cook the green lentils according to the time, it’s a matter of getting it in the form of mush… You have to be careful.. D*** T***

How many liters is the roe pressure cooker?

Karca Vitola pressure cooker is sold as a set of 4+6 litres. In this way it offers the possibility to use the size you need.

How many years is the Karaca pressure cooker guaranteed?

Karca pressure cooker has a 2-year warranty. Karaca’s pressure cooker, which is under warranty with all its parts, is only under warranty when purchased from its own store and distributors.

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