Keep bringing piano notes to life with a brain battery

Roger Dale Burnell, whose main occupation is a nurse, has been studying piano since he was 8 years old. Burnell, who completed his doctorate on the piano and turned it into a profession rather than a hobby, became the piano as his greatest passion in life. Roger Bey’s life began to change with the tremors that started in his right hand. As a result of his examination, he discovered that he had essential tremor. Her life became more difficult as her symptoms progressed, but she continued to work. She had to quit her nursing profession when she had trouble writing a final report. His tremors gradually increased and his daily life turned into a situation where he could not eat, change or even drink water. These tremors also made it difficult for him to play the piano, which was his greatest passion. Pacemaker therapy was a hope in Burnell’s life. He came to Istanbul for treatment and Assoc. Dr. Ali knocked on Armor’s door. He played the piano for his doctor during the brain stimulation surgery, which was performed by speaking. The change in his life started at that moment and Mr. Roger regained his old healthy days after the surgery. He continues his passion for playing the piano.

“Piano is my greatest passion”

Mr. Roger explained the disease process in these words: “I learned that I have essential tremor with the tremor that started in my right hand. I went to many doctors, I took medicines, but I did not see any benefit. As my illness progressed, it became more difficult for me to play the piano, and I felt it. While the piano was my greatest excitement and passion, suddenly I couldn’t play anymore. It was a very difficult situation for me. As my hopes were shattered, I became aware of Dr. Ali Bey and researched it. I decided that Dr. Ali Zırh was the most important person for my recovery and came to Istanbul. I was awake during my surgery and noticed the change even on the operating table; I even played the piano for my doctor at the time. After the operation I became a completely different person. I could use my hands, I could eat, and most importantly, I could play the piano like I used to. Thank you to my doctor and the whole team.”

“Essential tremor disease is more common in society than Parkinson’s”

Brain and Nerve Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Ali Zırh: “Brain batteries are devices that allow us to deliver electrical current to any point in the human brain, stimulating or suppressing electrical activity in the brain cells in the area where the electrical current is delivered. With brain battery treatment we can successfully treat movement disorders such as ‘Parkinson’, tremors called ‘Essential tremor’ and ‘Dystonia’ where excessive body contractions occur. Essential tremor, one of the most common types of tremor, is a neurological disorder that causes rhythmic tremors in various parts of the body. In essential tremor disease, unlike Parkinson’s disease, tremors occur when patients perform an action or action. Essential tremor is one of the most common movement disorders in society and is more common than Parkinson’s. Brain batteries, which are surgical methods, are very beneficial for these patients when medical treatment is insufficient. Mr. Roger was one of these patients. We are also very happy that he can continue his life where he left off and perform his art with a brain battery treatment.

Keep bringing piano notes to life with a brain battery

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