Korkmaz Turbo A156 Pressure Cooker Usage and Reviews

Korkmaz Turbo A156, the most popular product among classic pressure cookers, is one of the indispensable items of those who want to cook quickly and deliciously. This pressure cooker, which can easily prepare even the most difficult dishes, is ideal for large families with its capacity. In addition, the Korkmaz Turbo A156, which is notable for its ease of use and long service life, is among the best pressure cookers. This content, which we have prepared on this basis, contains a detailed review of the Korkmaz Turbo A156 pressure cooker. Here’s everything curious about the Korkmaz Turbo A156…

Features of the Korkmaz Turbo A156 Pressure Cooker

Body material Stainless steel
Capacity 7 L
base Solar base
Induction compatibility No
Removable handle No
Level No

Korkmaz Turbo A156 pressure cooker review

Korkmaz Turbo A156 pressure cooker stands out as an indispensable equipment in kitchens. With its high quality, ease of use and fast cooking properties, this pan allows you to prepare your meals faster and tastier. Korkmaz Turbo A156, which is well suited for those who cannot give up classic pressure cooker models, also attracts attention with its easy-to-clean feature.

Korkmaz Turbo A156 Features

  • Content 7 litres
  • 18/10 stainless steel
  • Induction compatible soleplate
  • Sole based on solar energy
  • Press lid

Korkmaz Turbo A156 Body Material

Korkmaz Turbo A156 attracts attention with its solid and durable structure. This pot is made of stainless steel and ensures long-lasting use. In addition, this product, which offers ergonomic use thanks to the hands-free Bakelite handles, always shines brightly thanks to its polished surface. In addition, it is appreciated by its users because it can be easily washed even in the dishwasher.

Korkmaz Turbo A156 design features

Body material Stainless steel
Clock display No
One-handed opening No
base Solar base
lever bakelite

How to use Korkmaz Turbo A156?

Korkmaz Turbo A156 pressure cooker

Fill your food in the Korkmaz Turbo A156 pressure cooker so that it does not reach more than three-quarters of the maximum level. Then fully insert the lid into the jar and lock the lid by folding the locking lever in the opposite direction. Then lift the whistle system onto the pot and burn the bottom of your pot. As your food begins to cook, the whistle will begin to blow and the steam will begin, followed by 1 minute later, turn the cooker down and lower the whistle. After this process, keep the cooking time of your food handy and turn off the cooker when your time is up. After waiting for 5-6 minutes, slowly and gradually lift the whistle system, helping to evacuate the air inside. When you are sure that there is no air in it, open the door by flipping the locking system on the door in the opposite direction.

Korkmaz Turbo A156 cooking times

Veal 40 minutes
Beef 45-60 minutes
Lamb meat 30 minutes
Carrot 10-15 minutes
Green beans 25 minutes
Whole chicken 35-40 minutes
Haricot 40 minutes

Korkmaz Turbo A156 Capacity

With the Korkmaz Turbo A156 with a capacity of 7 liters you can easily prepare meals for full tables. This pressure cooker, which, thanks to its large interior volume, is an advantage both for those who prepare the dinner table and for those who have a large family, also stands out for its different dimensions.

Korkmaz Turbo A156 pressure cooker

Solar base

Korkmaz Turbo A156 offers high heat transfer thanks to the solar base. In this way, the Korkmaz Turbo A156, which provides an even cooking process, is also appreciated for its induction compatibility. The three-layer structure and the solar base system, which helps prevent air bubbles, also attract attention for its energy savings. In addition, Korkmaz Turbo A156, which has been used for many years without any problems because it is made of stainless steel, ensures rapid cooking.

Korkmaz Turbo A156 reviews

Korkmaz Turbo A156 pressure cooker

👤 I love it, you can buy it without fear 😂 Ü**** O***

👤 I have been using it for more than 2 years, those who want to buy it very well should not think about it, thank you. S**** S****

👤 An ideal size is not too big and not too small. We used it, it’s good for cooking. There are 3 types of safety valves, there is also a safety lock to prevent it from opening when there is pressure. He cooked the chicken for 10 minutes and the chickpeas for 25 minutes with an overnight soak, maybe 20 minutes. HUSBAND****

👤 It is very heavy and high quality, I bought it for my dowry. We have been using the same thing at home for 2 years, cooking etc. is going pretty well. N**** A***

👤 We bought the 7 liters. It has very good quality chrome. It looks stylish. Definitely not rude. Enough for families of 4 or 5. Smaller is useless. A safe product, nothing to be afraid of. You can choose with confidence. H**** D***

👤 It looks very good quality, I recommend it. E **** D ****

👤 The steel of the pressure cooker is of very high quality. Trust the quality of Korkmaz and take it with you. K**** T****

👤 I chose the classic model, I’m glad I bought it, I use it without problems, I bought a large one and then I bought it in 5 lt. E**** O****

👤 The jar arrived in a very short time, very well packaged, without any damage. The size might be too big for a family of 3, but since it’s still not huge, I’m honestly happy with this size. He also cooked the food very quickly. If you are going to buy a classic pressure cooker, I would definitely recommend it. G**** T****

How many different sizes does the Korkmaz Turbo pressure cooker have?

Korkmaz Turbo pressure cooker has 3 different sizes, 5, 7 and 9 in total. In this way, this pot model, which offers capacity according to user needs, offers products for both large families and nuclear families.

What is the Korkmaz Turbo A156 security system?

Korkmaz Turbo A156 has a safety valve. This way the lid cannot be opened if there is pressure inside.

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