Kumtel air cooler HAC-01W portable air conditioner review

Kumtel HAC-01W provides fast and effective cooling in the room you want in your home, providing more comfortable environments. This easy-to-use portable air conditioner also thinks about your wallet with energy savings. Kumtel HAC-01W, one of the best portable air conditioners, grabs the attention of those who are considering buying it with its features. For this reason, our content includes a detailed overview of Kumtel HAC-01W.

Kumtel HAC-01W Technical specifications

Cooling capacity 5100 BTUs
Energy consumption 45W

Kumtel air cooler HAC-01W portable air conditioner review

Kumtel air cooler HAC-01W provides a high degree of cooling by consuming less energy and provides comfortable living spaces. With its user-friendly features and design, Kumtel Air Cooler HAC-01W, which you can use in the office or at home, offers the option to use it at any time with its timer function.

This product, which has a humidification function thanks to its 4 liter water tank, offers extra cooling with its 3 wind settings. In addition, this product, which offers a wide airflow direction instead of a fixed airflow thanks to the right and left rotating blades, offers a comfortable use thanks to the remote control. This product, which protects itself when the power goes out, also switches off automatically when it dries out.

Kumtel Air Cooler HAC-01W Design

The Kumtel HAC-01W, which can adapt to any environment with its stylish design, fits easily even in the smallest spaces thanks to its compact structure. This product, appreciated for its base and thin structure, can be easily carried by the handles and provides cooling in the desired room. In addition, the Kumtel HAC-01W, which offers ease of use with symbols due to its user-friendly interface, also offers a more modern look with its touchscreen.

Although it is criticized by its users for its cable, it suffices with its 1.80 cm cable. Finally, thanks to the remote control, which offers a comfortable user experience without getting up from your seat, this product offers a practical water filling from the rear compartment.

Kumtel HAC-01W Portable Air Conditioner Performance

Kumtel HAC-01W offers powerful and effective cooling and has a cooling capacity of 5100 BTU. This portable air conditioner works with 3 wind modes and offers more flow direction range by turning right and left. The product, which consumes 45 W of power, prevents your electricity bill from rising thanks to energy class A ++. This product, which is suitable for both office and home use, cools the environment in a short time on hot summer days.

Thanks to the 7-hour programming function, the Kumtel HAC-01W, which operates automatically in the time you set, acts as if it did not exist with a noise level of 22 dB. For example, this product, which you can also use comfortably at night, offers clean air without drying out the air thanks to the 4 liter water tank.

Kumtel HAC-01W

Kumtel Air Cooler HAC-01W Humidification function

Kumtel Air Cooler HAC-01W, which has a 4 liter water tank and uses this water while blowing air, provides cooling without drying out the environment. Kumtel Air Cooler HAC-01W provides humidity with airflow and provides more comfortable living spaces. This portable air conditioner, which does not disturb during prolonged use thanks to its humidification function, provides a comfortable place to sleep at night.

Kumtel Air Cooler HAC-01W Electricity consumption and influence

Kumtel Air Cooler HAC-01W stands out for its energy savings. This portable air conditioner works in energy class A++ and avoids high bills with its energy consumption of 45 W. In this way, it not only prevents high bills, but is also sensitive to the environment. This product, which cools an area of ​​50 square meters, prevents heat suffocation both in the office and at home.

Kumtel HAC-01W reviews

Kumtel HAC-01W

👤 I tried the water without putting the ice, very enough, I recommend it, you can buy it with peace of mind. EU***

👤 It is more of a fan than an air conditioner, but I think it has a better function than a fan due to the cold water tank. it met our expectations, but if you expect a sharp cooling in air conditioning style, it is a product that you should not choose. I also thank the seller for the fast shipping 🙂 H**** M****

👤 The wet fan cools the small room but does not lower the ambient temperature. M**** O***

👤 The product is great, I am satisfied. I **** J *****

👤 The product is a complete price performance product. For this price, this coolness is enough for me, I recommend it. Y****S****

👤 If you are a tenant and don’t plan on having an air conditioner installed in your home, I’d say choose this product that comes along. It is very easy to carry and cools the environment nicely. M**** T****

👤 I have been using this portable air conditioner in my shop for a long time. I had no problems. It cools both the customers and us on hot summer days. ADVERTISEMENT****

👤 The product is very successful. Some said it’s like a fan, but you already buy it by looking at the features. A practical, portable air conditioner cools your room and is very successful for this price. DRINK****

👤 Put ice cold water in it and it blows even colder air while working. S**** R*****

What does air cooler mean?

Air cooler, which is an English word, means air conditioner in Turkish.

How do I add water to the Kumtel air cooler HAC-01W?

Kumtel air cooler HAC-01W, with a water capacity of 4 liters, needs to be constantly added water because of the automatic shut-off function when it is dried out. To add water to the Kumtel Air Cooler HAC-01W, when you pull the water tank at the bottom of the air conditioner towards you, the compartment opens. This opening is the water tank of the air conditioner. You can fill this reservoir with enough water and turn it off again and let your air conditioning run.

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