Kumtel KTF-285 Review | Features, installation and notes

Kumtel KTF-285, one of the best-selling products among fan models, offers comfortable use due to its low-noise operation. Thanks to the 90-degree horizontal swivel function, the pedestal fan, which helps the environment equally deep, has an adjustable head. Kumtel KTF-285, which attracts the attention of those who are looking for a fan due to the warming weather, arouses curiosity for its low price compared to its competitors with the same features. For this reason, our content covers every detail from the features of the Kumtel KTF-285 pedestal fan to user comments.

Kumtel KTF-285 Technical Specifications

Type paid
power 45W
Control method Manually
Number of oscillation directions 2
Number of speed stages 3
Control method Manually
Rotation angle 180 degrees
Heating Safety There is

Kumtel KTF-285 Pedestal Fan Review

Kumtel KTF-285, one of the best fan models, has an up and down movable head. This standing fan, which can oscillate on both sides, works with a motor power of 45 watts. This fan, which is protected against overheating during prolonged use, has 3 different speed levels. This pedestal fan, which is available in black and white, offers comfortable use thanks to its adjustable height. The Kumtel KTF-285, which causes no inconvenience due to its low-noise operation, can be easily installed and used without maintenance.

Kumtel KTF-285 Design

Kumtel KTF-285

Looking at the design of the Kumtel KTF-285 Pedestal Fan model, it can adapt to its environment with black or white color options. This pedestal fan, which has a modern and shocking appearance due to its solid color, has 3 propeller blades. Kumtel KTF-285, which offers the possibility to use at the desired height thanks to its adjustable base, does not cause problems such as tilting or swinging thanks to its round mounting base. This pedestal fan, which has shortcomings in terms of user comfort because it does not have a remote control, offers the possibility of making on-off and speed adjustments thanks to the buttons located just in front of the motor. The Kumtel KTF-285, which can be safely used in homes with children and pets thanks to its metal cage, has a movable head. This product, which automatically moves to the right and left, ensures an even airflow in the environment.

Kumtel KTF-285 design features

Diameter 16 inches
max. Height 132cm
Colour Black and white
Propeller 3 wings

Kumtel KTF-285 pedestal fan working performance

Kumtel KTF-285

The Kumtel KTF-285 pedestal fan, with a motor power of 45 watts, has the feature of quiet operation even at high speeds. This pedestal fan provides effective airflow and provides more cool air to the environment due to its wide fan blades. Thanks to the 2-way oscillation function, it cools all parts of the room evenly. Kumtel KTF-285, which provides coolness to the needs with its ability to operate in 3 different speed levels, low, medium and high settings, can rotate 90 degrees horizontally while working. This pedestal fan, which is protected from overheating even when running for hours, can be operated manually as it lacks a timed automatic shut-off feature.

Kumtel KTF-285 Pedestal Fan Energy Consumption

We examined the energy consumption of the Kumtel KTF-285 pedestal fan with the question “How much power does the fan consume?” Kumtel KTF-285 pedestal fan has a 45 watt motor. This pedestal fan, which consumes 1080W of electricity for 24 hours of operation, shows no major change in bills for any given period of use. This fan, which consumes less power compared to its powerful operation, refreshes a medium-sized room with a cool air wave in a short time.

Kumtel KTF-285 oscillation function

Kumtel KTF-285

Kumtel KTF-285, which has the property of swinging in 2 directions, horizontally right and left, helps everyone to relax in their surroundings. This fan, which provides more effective cooling thanks to the up and down adjustable movable head, can rotate 90 degrees. In addition, this fan, which not only distributes the coolness evenly, but also prevents headaches and stiffness due to excessive airflow, is appreciated by its users.

Kumtel KTF-285 Installation

Kumtel KTF-285, which is very easy to install, is a product that you can easily install yourself without waiting for service. All materials required to assemble this upright propeller, which is shipped in parts in the box, are included. To install it, you need to assemble the propeller blade first after attaching the rear cage to the engine part. After you have done this properly you will need to put the front cage in place and attach the two cages together. Next, mount the circular mounting base and adjustable tube, attach the previously prepared propeller section to the base and tighten securely. After all these processes, start the fan by plugging it in.

Kumtel KTF-285 Reviews

👤 F**** D**** It’s a very nice device, price performance product, only the plastic quality is a bit obvious, there is a slight noise when it comes to the sound, but it’s not that exaggerated, it helps to air our room. Cargo I live in Istanbul in 1 day and it arrived. The housing threads around the impeller of the fan are very weak and you connect it with something like a gasket, I broke a star there.

👤 S**** D**** The fan cools pretty well and has 3 speeds. Aesthetically it also looks good. But the screw of the gasket that connects the plates to the propeller is small and I had to tighten the nut by tightening the screw with a small thread. I’ll get the right screw myself at the hardware store. This was the only problem I had, it’s solvable, but it would be better for everyone if you put the right screws in the boxes or not. Shipping was fast. The product was delivered undamaged. The invoice is visible in the system and it comes with a 2-year warranty. If they get their hands on the screw and nut business, no one else will have a problem. Thanks for everything.

👤 B*** Y**** The product is beautiful, convenient, solid, we installed it ourselves. It’s good for the price.

👤 E**** A***** The product arrived very quickly and was packed very carefully, thank you to the seller. It is a complete price performance product.

👤 A***** B**** I recommend a fan with good sound and simple domestic product price performance product. Also thanks to the seller for the fast delivery and careful shipping.

👤 H**** K**** I bought it with metal propeller. Another brand had an extremely defective propeller, in this product with a plastic propeller, the propeller is both light and the machine does not shake much while the balance is slightly better. The plastic quality resembles the plastic of good phantom brooms to me. The only thing that bothered me with the installation was the rubber gasket on the head. The box was made especially for the internet I think, so they took into account the slightly thicker and stronger loads. Let’s see if it doesn’t break, we’ll use it this summer.

👤 G*** A**** I liked the performance…

👤 M*** S**** Pretty good for the price. There is a part to pay attention to when installing the propeller, there is a protrusion on the iron bar at the crossed part, you need to put the propeller there and fix it. It’s a bit difficult to connect the front grille, they made another system, it’s not locked. It’s not very quiet, but that doesn’t bother.

👤 Even for the price, what’s left for this price. It makes our work very comfortable and refreshing.

👤 Good product for the price of G**** K***, don’t expect anything big.. locally made.. fast shipping

👤 S**** D**** The product is successful in terms of price and performance. It is not difficult to install. There’s not much sound in it. I like it.

How many watts is Kumtel KTF-285?

The Kumtel KTF-285 standing fan has a power of 45 watts.

Is there a Kumtel KTF-285 high setting?

Kumtel KTF-285 pedestal fan model has a high stand. It can be adjusted to a maximum height of 132 cm.

Does the Kumtel KTF-285 pedestal fan have a speed adjustment?

Yes, Kumtel KTF-285 pedestal fan has speed adjustment. Kumtel KTF-285, which can be used at 3 different speed levels such as low, medium and high, provides an airflow tailored to your needs.

How is the Kumtel KTF-285 oscillation function?

Kumtel KTF-285, which has the property of swinging in two directions, right and left, has an automatic head that can be adjusted up and down. In this way it provides a homogeneous airflow in its environment.

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