Learning new things is good for the brain

Neurologist Dr Nigar Ahmadova said that the Turkish Neurological Society, of which she is a member, has launched the “Take Care of Your Brain” campaign to raise awareness across Turkey, in the context of July 22 World Brain Day. Arguing that people have been searching for an answer to the question of how emotions, thoughts and behaviors are formed and how they can be changed, Uzm. Dr. Ahmadova provided information on developments in the treatment of neurological diseases, saying: “As we try to find answers to these searches, it is necessary to listen to neuroscientists and neurologists to learn how our brains work, what diseases exist and how to prevent them.”

Significant progress in treatment

Claiming that neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s cause social problems because of the extension of life expectancy, they create a financial and moral burden. Ahmadova said: “Many diseases can develop in our brain, such as Alzheimer’s and stroke. For example; Although new drugs have been developed thanks to numerous studies, there is currently no cure for Alzheimer’s disease; raising awareness so that it is caught early and treatment started can prevent the progression of the disease. In advanced stages, cerebrovascular disorders occur, such as inability to speak, walk, difficulty swallowing, and vision problems due to reduced blood flow to the brain. Recently, our hand has been strengthened with interventional procedures such as thrombolytic treatment (a form of treatment used to dissolve the clot that forms in the blood vessel that feeds the brain and blocks the blood vessel) treatment, and thromboectomy (clot removal) treatment for patients with ischemic stroke; But the most important thing is to prevent it before it gets sick.”

“Stroke is one of the most disabling diseases”

Noting that stroke, one of the most common diseases in the world, is a disease of the brain, Dr. Ahmadova: “Stroke is the first of the diseases that cause disability; but we have a chance to prevent or reduce the risk of stroke. We can prevent stroke by changing our habits such as obesity, hypertension, smoking, alcohol and a passive lifestyle. The treatment of the disease that causes the disability that we see in young people, such as multiple sclerosis, has also developed strongly in recent years. Recently, artificial intelligence has started to take place in our lives. Thanks to the evolving technologies, we can say that a new era has dawned in the field of neuroscience.”

“We need to read and learn new things to take good care of our brains”

exp. Dr. Ahmadova drew attention to regular sleep and stated that in order to maintain the general health of the body, it is necessary to constantly eat regularly, exercise, avoid harmful habits such as alcohol and smoking and stress. Noting that these suggestions are also necessary and important for our brain health, Ahmadova said, “To take good care of our brain, we need to read it and nourish it by constantly learning new things. Neurologists will be a compass for you in neurological disorders you will encounter.

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