Lenovo M2 Review | Tires, power, range, charging and speed

Get ready for a new generation of electric scooter experience – Lenovo M2! Designed for those looking for a practical, eco-friendly and exciting urban transportation option, the Lenovo M2 strikes the perfect balance between technology and portability. This incredible scooter shines on the street with its distinctive features.

The modern and elegant design of the Lenovo M2 catches your eye at first sight. The foldable structure makes it easy to transport, while the user-friendly ergonomic details complete your ride with maximum comfort. With this scooter, where every detail has been thought through, you can travel through the city in style.

Lenovo M2 Features

Weight 15 kg
power 350W
Loading time 6 hours
Band 8.5 inches
Reach 25-30km
Maximum speed 25 km/h
Weight it can bear 120 kg

Lenovo M2 review

Lenovo M2, which will impress you with its high performance, offers a fast and dynamic driving experience with its 350W motor power. With a maximum speed of up to 25 km/h, this scooter lets you race through city traffic at lightning speed. At the same time, a climbing angle of 15 degrees allows you to easily overcome sloping roads.

One of the most impressive features of the Lenovo M2 is its range. With a range of up to 30km, this scooter will give you a stable ride whether you’re doing your daily chores or cruising around town. Thanks to the solid wheels, road holding is made safer and the risk of explosion is minimised. Thanks to the 8.5-inch wheels, you can easily overcome obstacles and achieve better stability on the road surface.

Though the Lenovo M2 is lightweight, its carrying capacity can reach up to 120 kg. This shows that it is an ideal option for users with different body structures. Designed with safety and comfort always at the forefront, this scooter invites you to a smooth journey.

Here is all the information about Lenovo M2;

Lenovo M2 design

Lenovo M2 has a stylish and contemporary design. It stands out for its digital screen, modern lines and foldable structure. The user-friendly ergonomic functions complete the driving experience with maximum comfort. With an aesthetic and functional design, Lenovo M2 is a stylish option to meet users’ expectations.

Lenovo M2 Speed ​​and engine power

The maximum speed of the Lenovo M2 is 25 km/h, which allows you to travel effectively in urban transport. Because the motor power is 350W, the scooter can move and accelerate quickly. This gives users a fast and dynamic driving experience. The engine power of the Lenovo M2 provides enough power to get your daily work done quickly.

Lenovo M2 range

The range of Lenovo M2 can be up to 30 km. This is sufficient distance for your inner-city journeys. Whether you’re planning your daily errands or traveling around town, you can rest assured that the Lenovo M2 will give you stable and long range. Reach allows users to carry out their travel plans with ease.

Lenovo M2 Band

The sturdy wheels of the Lenovo M2 provide a durable and comfortable ride. Solid wheels minimize the risk of popping and improve handling. The wheel size of 8.5 inches allows the scooter to overcome obstacles with ease and provides better stability on the road surface. The Lenovo M2 tires provide users with a stable journey by putting driving safety first.

Lenovo M2 Weight and Payload

Lenovo M2

The weight of the Lenovo M2 is an important factor that scooter users consider when it comes to portability. However, the lightweight construction of the Lenovo M2 does not negatively affect the driving experience. In addition, the Lenovo M2 has a weight capacity of 120 kg, which is suitable for users of different sizes. Thanks to the durable construction and high load capacity, you can use the scooter with confidence.

Lenovo M2 Braking System

The braking system of the Lenovo M2 is an important feature for safe driving. Unfortunately, detailed information about a specific braking system is not given. However, because Lenovo is safety sensitive in its products, it should have taken the necessary precautions to provide effective braking performance. A special design and functionality can be found on the braking system for a safe braking experience.

Lenovo M2 battery and charging time

Lenovo M2 has a battery voltage of 36 V and a capacity of 7.5 Ah. With this battery, the scooter has a range of up to 30 km. The charging time is 5 hours, which is the time you have to wait to fully charge the battery. The battery capacity and charging time of the Lenovo M2 provide enough energy for your daily travels and provide practical use.

Contents of the Lenovo M2 box

Lenovo M2

The contents of the Lenovo M2 box contain the basic equipment you need to start using the scooter. The box contains the Lenovo M2 scooter, charging adapter, user manual and necessary mounting materials. This allows you to easily set up and use the scooter. The contents of the Lenovo M2 box provide users with important items that simplify the usage process.

Buy Lenovo M2?

Lenovo M2 can be an attractive option with its remarkable features and user-friendly design. Its design, portability, speed, range and payload make it an ideal choice for daily or urban commuting. However, the choice of a scooter depends on personal preferences. We recommend doing thorough research to assess whether the Lenovo M2 is right for your needs and budget. You can make a more informed decision by reading user reviews and evaluating feedback from those who have experienced the scooter.

Lenovo M2 Reviews of electric scooters

Lenovo M2

👤 *** ***: I bought it for my daughter, it’s much nicer than I expected, the battery doesn’t last long, I like it a lot, I recommend it..

👤 *** ***: I find it comfortable and beautiful.

👤 *** ***: Nice product, we bought it for my son, it is useful, I recommend it.

👤 *** ***: Very nice product, thank you.

👤 *** ***: The product is very high quality and very comfortable, I recommend you to buy it

👤 *** ***: As everyone knows, the product is a 2020 model, so the price is probably affordable, but the product came exactly as I expected, it is a useful product with a high feeling made of quality material, I definitely recommend it, buy it before the product runs out in the seller’s hands.

👤 *** ***: Arrived quickly, easy to install, need to push one time with the foot to make the first movement, then it will go away when you press the button, it is very convenient.

👤 *** ***: We bought 2, one of them had a problem, I returned it and bought it again, unfortunately the battery is not solid. 50% conclusive when grown

👤 *** ***: It is very successful, it charges quickly, the battery is low, the device slows down and the price is affordable compared to other sellers

👤 *** ***: The product was delivered the day after I ordered it, it looks very nice and high quality. I trust the Lenovo brand, I think it just entered the Turkish market as a scooter. I don’t think I will have a problem using it in the long run. There is a serious price difference between it and the Xiaomi brand scooter with the same characteristics.

👤 *** ***: The product is a very nice product with full value for money, everyone who saw it liked it. The bell turned out to be broken, this made me a little sad, the battery is draining quickly for the time being, but I hope it will be fixed after 3 4 times of charging and discharging. it has been sold

👤 *** ***: Let’s buy the product, it’s been 1 week. It’s been a week. It is a very handy scooter with sturdy feet. The slopes come out at an average speed of 12 km/h. It is convenient to fold, it is a convenient product for commuting. Here are the pros and cons, the charge of the device does not last long, friends, it is impossible to go 30 km, let it be 30 2 hours is enough for the km, thank God, I don’t know if all of them be like that or the roof is defective for me, I don’t understand, even if I don’t return it, even if I don’t return it, I can’t get the same price as I bought it, don’t be confused, the product is generally good, there is only a battery problem, take it to the mountain, do not tell me, it has suspensions front and rear I go through bumps that cars cannot pass, if you are going to buy it you have to charge it every day . I travel an average of 8.5 km per day. I haven’t charged for 1 day. There were 2 teeth left in the room “I stayed on the road, you can travel up to 16 km. With a full charge you can accelerate up to 27 km / h. The car overtakes downhill, but as said: if you do not charge your battery can charge every day, you stay on the road, you can’t travel a long distance, buy something suitable for your needs.

What is the maximum speed of the Lenovo M2?

The maximum speed of the Lenovo M2 is 25 km/h.

What is the range of the Lenovo M2?

The range of Lenovo M2 can be up to 30 km.

What is the carrying capacity of the Lenovo M2?

The carrying capacity of the Lenovo M2 is 120 kg.

How long does it take to charge the Lenovo M2?

You have to wait an average of 5 hours to fully charge the battery of the Lenovo M2.

What kind of wheels does the Lenovo M2 have?

The wheels on the Lenovo M2 are the fill type.

What is the engine power of the Lenovo M2?

The engine power of Lenovo M2 is 350 W.

How many degrees is the climb angle of the Lenovo M2?

The climbing angle of the Lenovo M2 is 15 degrees.

What is the battery capacity of the Lenovo M2?

The battery capacity of the Lenovo M2 is 36 V and 7.5 Ah.

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