Listen to these suggestions to quit smoking during Ramadan

The main reason why smoking is an addiction is because the body needs the nicotine in cigarettes. Normally it is used to take nicotine, which is naturally found in the body, in high doses through cigarettes. When the nicotine level in the blood drops, the person starts to want to smoke a lot, the blood level quickly rises with smoking a cigarette, and the person feels happy and rewarded. If the blood level drops again, the person wants to smoke again. It is necessary to break this chain when quitting smoking. The main point here is that the person really wants to quit smoking.

Smoking addiction can cause chronic diseases

Burnt tobacco product is inhaled while smoking. Smoking causes chronic diseases that affect many systems, especially the lungs and heart, and many types of cancer. For this reason, it is recommended not to start smoking and for smokers to quit.

It is possible to quit smoking with personalized methods.

Additional treatment methods in the smoking cessation process facilitate this process. There are several pharmacological, i.e. drug-based, treatment methods available for smoking cessation. Among the nicotine replacement therapies currently on the market in our country; These are nicotine patches, nicotine gum or nicotine mouth sprays that are applied to the skin. In addition, there are also medicines in tablet form that can be used. While medicines in tablet form are used twice a day, the nicotine patch is stuck to the skin throughout the day. In both treatment methods, nicotine gum or mouth sprays can be added to the treatment as a savior in case of excessive smoking cravings.

Fasting should be seen as an opportunity to quit smoking.

Cigarette addicts who fast in the month of Ramadan may begin to reconsider the issue of smoking. Smokers wait eagerly and sometimes very nervously for the end of the evening, without smoking for most of the day. For this reason, cigarette addicts often experience withdrawal symptoms during the day due to nicotine deficiency. Again, Ramadan and the fasting period can be considered an opportunity to quit smoking. Being able to wait out the evening hours without smoking all day, but not being able to do so at times other than Ramadan shows the power of sources of motivation. Ramadan can be considered as a very suitable time to quit smoking.

Reducing the number of cigarettes can become an advantage

Although the number of cigarettes consumed during the day has decreased naturally, one can try to get rid of the nicotine deficiency with nicotine gum and mouth spray in the evening when the fast ends. Tablet treatment forms can also be used in 2 doses for evening iftar and one for sahur.

Ramadan can be a very opportune time to decide to quit smoking and to implement it. With the methods to be used to deal with the withdrawal symptoms, it may be easier to quit smoking during the period when this spiritual motivation is high. Quit Smoking Polyclinic, where expert teams work on smoking cessation, ensures that this process is overcome in a healthy way.

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