Live in the moment to focus on the exam

YKS, the first step of the university admission ticket, will be held this Sunday. With bated breath for the exam, which will be attended by more than 3 million 500 thousand candidates, psychiatrist Dr. Tuğba Kara gave advice to the candidates about the anxiety problem during the exam. He said that experiencing the feeling of fear during the exam is not a problem and the most important thing is to control the emotions during the exam.

“YKS is a step we need to take to enjoy doing the work we love”

Expressing that the YKS exam is one of the important steps for the candidates to achieve their dreams, psychiatrist specialist Dr. Tuğba Kara said: “We have come to the end of a long university exam marathon. Students, parents and teachers are tired. There will be a YKS exam. I’m sure everyone is doing their best. University exam is one of the most important steps towards achieving our dreams. It is a step that we must take to face the future with firm steps, to stand on our own two feet, to do what we want to do with pleasure. Of course, it is quite natural to feel anxiety, fear and anxiety before the exam. It’s okay if you feel that way. There is very little time left for the exam. Your worries and fears have increased. At the same time, he even began to say negative things about the exam in your head. The exam is important and we feel strong negative emotions in situations that are important to us. The problem is not these emotions, but the effort to control our emotions,” he said.

“Dealing with our anxiety and excitement during the exam shifts our focus”

Kara stated that it is normal to experience emotions such as fear, anxiety, excitement, and fear during the exam, saying that trying to suppress these emotions will make it difficult to concentrate on the exam. feelings and thoughts to press a sea ball underwater. You go to the sea and it bothers you very much that the sea cannon is there. You go near the sea cannon and try to flood it. You succeed, but you can imagine that the moment you let go, the sea ball sticks out above the water. After a while you see that your friends are having a good time, you try to get the sea ball under the water. It is indeed on the exam. Dealing with and trying to suppress our anxiety, fear and excitement during the exam makes us shift our focus from the exam and actually deal with such feelings and thoughts instead of taking the exam.

“Focus on the main thing”

By saying, “The first way to focus on the exam is to focus on the moment,” Kara says, “rather than getting caught up in the negative thoughts your mind is telling you and trying to control your intense emotions and get rid of physical symptoms, it can be good to do exercises to stay in the moment, firstly to be aware that we are in control of our own body by putting our feet on the floor. be anchoring exercise or breathing exercise.Good luck to all the students who are going to take the exam.I hope you get placed in the departments and places you want in this exam.

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