Living spaces and social circles of people with bipolar disorder are limited

Prof. Dr. Çınar Yenilmez made an informative statement on the occasion of March 30 World Bipolar Day. Yenilmez stated that World Bipolar Day will be celebrated this year on March 30, the birthday of famous painter Vincent Van Gogh, who is considered to have bipolar disorder around the world and in Turkey, saying: “The goal of World Bipolar Day is to raise social awareness about the disease, to raise awareness around the world through activities that will increase knowledge and education, and to help eliminate social stigma.

bipolar disorder (formerly manic-depressive disorder) or bipolar disorder, a mood disorder; It is a psychiatric disorder in which there are periods of exuberance (mania) or depression (depression), accompanied by emotional and behavioral ups and downs, and in which patients become fully self-conscious in the intervening periods.

In the current circumstances, bipolar disorder is successfully recognized and treated effectively. However, the mixed symptoms in the early years of the disease, the recurrent nature of the condition and its occurrence at different stages of the disease at different times complicate the diagnosis process and delay the initiation of appropriate treatment. Such difficult times can be overcome thanks to an ongoing collaboration between patients, their relatives and mental health professionals. While it is well known that bipolar disorder is a medical problem of biological origin, unlike other health problems in medicine, stigmatization of the disease; It prevents people with this condition from exercising their various social rights and restricts their living space and social environment. In addition, it slows down their acceptance of the problem and their access to health services, early diagnosis and effective treatments, and causes burnout in people with bipolar disorder and their families.

Yenilmez explained that making a positive contribution to the quality of life of patients with bipolar disorder and their relatives and preventing stigmatization is the main goal of World Bipolar Day activities. of the Faculty of Medicine of Eskişehir Osmangazi University, will be held on Thursday, March 30, 2023 at 12:30 p.m. We have scheduled a meeting themed “From Extremes to Balance” at the Taşbaşı Cultural Center in Turkey. We believe that all our people are invited to the meeting, which we believe will be useful, and I wish a better future where it is possible to live in good health. she told me.

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