Macbook Air M1 and M2 Users and Features

There are two models of MacBook Air, M1 and M2 processors. The only difference between the models is the processor. We will tell you about these two models in one article. Macbook Air M1 can easily run all powerful applications thanks to the M1 processor.

Macbook Air M2, on the other hand, is 3.5 times faster than the previous generation with 8 cores in its processor. At the same time, it does these things by consuming less energy. We took a closer look at both models of the Macbook Air, which, with its lightweight structure and powerful M2 processor, is suitable for both everyday and business use.

MacBook Air M1 and M2 Technical specifications

Processor: Apple M1 / ​​​​Apple M2
Operating system: macOS
Screen: 13.3 inch IPS 2560 x 1600 pixels
Display card: AMD Radeon graphics
Memory: 8GB and 16GB
Memory lock: 2 slots
Maximum Memory: Up to 32 GB
Storage: 256GB, 512GB, 1TB and 2TB
Storage capacity: 1x M.2 SSD
Battery life: 15 hours
Weight: 1.74kg

MacBook Air M1 and M2

Lightness The screen is small
Easy to use
Superior performance
Silent operation
Battery life of 15 hours

MacBook Air M1 and M2 Inspection

If we look at the components that the Macbook Air M1 has, it is quite high quality. The only thing missing from the M2 is that the processor is of the older generation. A new generation processor is used in the M2. Operations with this processor are much faster. At the same time, since the GPU’s graphics processor is more advanced, its performance in programs is better than that of the M1’s GPU. Ram, SSD, battery performance are almost the same.

At work high performance Features of Macbook Air M1 and M2;

MacBook Air M1 and M2 Performance

The Macbook Air M1 and M2 models have been marketed with their modern and updated new design and have powerful processors. Both processors have a base frequency of 1.60 GHz and contain 3 MB of cache memory. Macbook Air M1 and M2 are more business laptops that use Intel HD Graphics 6000 as built-in graphics card. With the graphics card it has, you can use the programs that need graphics comfortably and without any hassle. We can say that the Macbook Air M1 and M2 perform extremely smoothly and quickly.

MacBook Air M1 and M2 Screen


The Macbook Air M1 and M2, which are among the best in the notebook market, have a 13.3-inch OLED 2K 2560 x 1600 Pixel display. Since the screen resolution format is 2K, you can watch many videos and images in high quality. Enjoy the images you watch thanks to the vibrant colors. With True Tone, your eyes won’t get tired, even if you look at the screen for a long time.

MacBook Air M1 and M2 Design and weight


With a width of 325 mm and a depth of 228 mm, the Macbook Air weighs 135 grams. This weight rating is much less than other laptops, so it is light. At the same time, the Macbook Air has a backlit keyboard with white keys. With the Magic Keyboard, which ensures comfortable use, your typing becomes more comfortable now. You can easily switch between languages ​​or use shortcuts with one tap. Backlighting on the back of the keyboard makes typing easier in low-light conditions.

With the large Force Touch trackpad you can perform every movement comfortably with your hand. You can save time by using Touch ID to unlock or power off MacBook Air. The new generation of WiFi 6 technology now helps you surf the Internet faster.

MacBook Air M1 and M2 Battery


The 15-hour battery life of the Macbook Air M1 and M2 is more than enough for a whole day. The thermal efficiency function ensures silent operation of the MacBook Air. Macbook Air with SD card reader attracts attention with its 7150 mAh battery capacity. We can safely say that the battery capacity is quite high. Your computer won’t turn off even if you don’t charge it all day.

MacBook Air M1 and M2 Volume and microphone


The video signal processor in the chip of Macbook Air ensures the best video calling experience. Thanks to 3 built-in microphones, it only picks up your voice and passes it on to the other party in good quality. The noise level is quite high. It accurately transfers the sound to you, even in very noisy environments.

MacBook Air M1 and M2 Storage


Macbook Air M1 and M2 offer 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB SSD storage support. There are multiple options where you can choose equipment based on your needs. After choosing the desired storage space, you should know that the information in it is safely protected by the Macbook. The developed security system prevents unwanted situations by keeping your data in the best way.

MacBook Air M1 and M2 Memory (RAM)


Macbook Air M1 and M2 have two Ram options, 8 and 16. You can increase the RAM as needed from here. After choosing the Ram capacity that suits you, you can enjoy fast operations. With high-speed memory, there is no lag or lag when switching between programs, browsing the web, or running a program that requires a heavy system.

MacBook Air M1 and M2 User Comments

👤 *** ***: I’ve never seen a PC that delivers such low power consumption. I play League of Legends regularly, I have unplugged my ryzen 7 2700x 1080ti desktop PC and put it on the shelf. I switched from 750 watts to 30 watts. I am very satisfied. Thank you so much to Apple for making such a revolution in the PC industry. Whether you’re playing competitive games at work, school or in between, the m1 mac is all you need.

👤 *** ***: The product is great, I was extremely surprised by its performance. It’s well worth the price, way above what I expected. Thank you.

👤 *** ***: When I watched the Macbook review videos I thought things like no speaker is very good, no trackpad is too good to need a mouse, I thought it was overkill. I can’t hear it the sound quality is excellent the screen etc is very good the battery life is very good and you don’t experience any performance loss while using the battery honestly intel laptops continue to be like a desktop too pc.

👤 *** ***: The best PC you can buy at this price. With daily work, the battery lasts up to 16 hours. It will be funny, but I play WoW on medium settings with a handheld computer. No heat problems; Good thing I didn’t buy a pro. You can buy monitor, hub, keyboard, mouse and stand for 3 paper differences.

👤 *** ***: I actively use the computer for at least 7-8 hours a day. On the 2nd day the battery is empty. I have been using MacBook Pro Retina Mid 2014 for 5 years. In terms of my usage, the performance is much better now. I am very satisfied for now. For office use, the MacBook Air may be the best option.

👤 *** ***: We got it as a gift for the boss. Aside from being an unfamiliar system, it’s a pretty stylish Apple.

I think I bought it at an affordable price under the following conditions, I say Apple quality, I don’t need anything else, even if it’s a bit hard to get used to, I love it. Getting a job is the first gift I get myself.

👤 *** ***: Excellent speed, superior quality, long charging life. I could fill this place with too many things. it just takes some getting used to, then it becomes very nice. The M1 chip does not need to be explained anyway. I can’t believe it, but there’s nothing in the name of warming up on the computer, nothing in the name of sound. I definitely recommend it.

👤 *** ***: I bought it to use in my day job, I work in a home office. It’s not a gaming PC, it’s an office PC. I am satisfied, shipping is also excellent. Thank you

👤 *** ***: I knew it would increase, but I didn’t expect 40%. Honestly, I already had a macbook pro. But it was not easy to carry because of the screen size. That’s why I chose it. The good thing I did, we are always together. No need to describe its quality, it is very fast, very convenient.

👤 *** ***: I thought a lot when I bought it, after all, it is a high-priced product, everyone knows Apple’s quality, I’m sure again, I usually use the computer to study, movies to watch, listen to music and hang out, it meets all my needs, so it meets all my needs for drawing games. I don’t know how it would be for etc. just a computer as fast as it says. Since the interface is not very familiar, I had problems for the first few days, but it’s not like it will be fixed. It’s a thin and light computer, the sound quality is pretty good, it makes a loud sound like there is a sound system, and the most important thing is that the battery level is 70% for 2 days I’ve been using the computer for 2 days and the battery is now 60% 2-3 maybe good enough to not contact the charger until the end of the 4th day. In short, I recommend it.

What does MacBook Air mean?

Macbook Air is a series of laptops that Apple started producing in 2010 and attracts attention with its lightweight design. The Macbook air, which continues to come out with new models today, is a laptop model that deserves praise for both its powerful processor and its physical design.

Is the Macbook Air water resistant?

Macbook Air models do not have water resistance certification. While some forums say the new models are water resistant, our advice is to protect your computer from water and other liquids. Damage caused by water is not covered by the warranty.

Which color macbook air to buy?

You can easily choose according to your style when you buy the Macbook Air, which is available in space gray, silver and gold colors. The color that the Macbook Air reflects is, in our opinion, Space gray.

Can you play games with Macbook Air?

The Macbook Air series can easily play most games with its powerful processor and graphics settings. The thing to note is that the Macbook Air is not designed for gaming. The device, which plays games that support optimization, does not load many games due to the special operating system. You can do more of your daily work with a computer that is not suitable for gaming.

How many mAh is the battery of the Macbook Air?

The battery capacity of Macbook Airs is 7150 mAh. The battery life is an average of 15 hours. The computer, which offers 6 hours of use with a 30-minute charge, is very satisfied with the battery.

Does the MacBook Air M1 have a USB port?

Yes, Macbook Air M1 has 4 USB ports. Apple models can optionally be connected to these USB ports. In this way, both file transfer and charging are performed.

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