Make room for movement during Ramadan

Along with Ramadan, regular exercise is just as important as healthy eating. Those who have exercise in their daily routine also say, “Can you exercise while fasting?” What is the best time to exercise during Ramadan? Is it healthy to exercise before iftar?’ asking questions. Yasemin Baş, an expert fitness trainer in Düzce, stated that people can exercise in a healthy way even during Ramadan and a person can have a healthy menstrual period with a balanced diet and appropriate exercises.

“Something is actually very wrong”

Emphasizing that people should be very careful about eating and drinking when losing weight and that the well-known “I should consume protein, I should keep carbohydrates away” is actually very wrong, Expert Fitness Trainer Yasemin Baş said: “We have to be very careful with our food and drink when losing weight. When we usually consume protein or carbs, people usually say, “I should be eating protein, I should keep carbs away”. It’s actually very wrong. The amount is important. When we eat protein plus taking carbohydrates plus fat in a measured amount our weight loss progresses in a controlled manner in our weight gain during this time if he supports this situation with sports and dietitians it will be more efficient if they want to eat meat during ramadan if they get up for sahur, they can eat white meat.You can also eat red meat during iftar.Because white meat is easier to digest, there will be no bloating or discomfort in our stomach. During Ramadan, a person can rest during the day to practice, if he cannot stand fasting. He can do his training efficiently in the evening after iftar.

“Resistance rubber can be used at home”

Baş stated that especially women take a break from sports or freezing during Ramadan, saying, “Especially when the month of Ramadan comes, our women have a situation like taking a break from sports or freezing. Either they don’t feel well during Ramadan or they can’t go to the gym because they don’t feel well because of food and drink. Resistance bands can be used at home. It has degrees of weight. We can keep exercising without going out of shape with certain movements such as medium light and heavy. Abdominal exercises can be done, we can do hip, leg, forearm, back, arm and back exercises. We can pour that into diversity. That way we can move forward. When we’re not going to the gym, we can move forward with our own body weights with our resistance bands and empty weights at home.”

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