Making Newspaper Printed Nail Polish | Required materials and tips

With the revival of nature and the warming of the weather, colored nail polishes have become popular again. But in this article, instead of regular nail polish, we will talk about newspaper nail polish that you can easily make at home. With this method you can give your nails a unique look and discover your artistic side.

What is Newspaper Printed Nail Polish?

Newspaper printed nail polish is a nail decoration technique that has become popular in recent years. In this technique, a unique look is achieved by applying real newsprint to the nails.

Newspaper print nail polish is very easy to make and can be easily done at home. This method allows you to get different prints from different newspapers or magazines. Also, any color can be used on nail polish, so you can choose a newspaper that matches the color of your nails.

Newsprint nail polish technique is especially preferred by nail art lovers. This technique is faster and easier than other nail art techniques. The newspaper print also always gives a unique look, so you always get an interesting nail decoration.

Materials Needed for Making Newspaper Printed Nail Polish

Newspaper printed nail polish

The materials you need to make newspaper nail polish are quite simple and inexpensive. Those who usually use nail decoration materials will already have these materials. The materials you will need to make newspaper printed nail polish are:

Nail polish

You can use any color of nail polish you want to make newspaper nail polish. However, light-colored nail polishes often help a newspaper print look better. Preferably matte nail polishes help the print hold better and give a bright look.


To make newspaper nail polish, you will need newspaper. You can use any newsprint, but black and white printing usually works better.

Alcohol or nail polish remover

You will need rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover to clean your nails. This removes the oils from the surface of the nails and allows the nail polish to adhere better.

Nail clippers or small scissors

You will need scissors to cut the newspaper to fit your nail.

nail file

You need a nail file to shape and smooth your nails.

base layer

By covering your nails with a base coat, the nail polish will adhere better and prevent damage to your nails.

How to make a newspaper printed nail polish?

Newspaper printed nail polish

Newspaper printed nail polish is one of the most popular nail decorating techniques in recent years. This method, which is quite simple and inexpensive, does not require any special skills or experience. It only takes a few materials and some time. Below you will find step by step steps to make newspaper nail polish:

1. Prepare your nails

First, prepare your nails by using a nail file and nail clippers to clean and shape them. Trim and smooth your nails into ovals or squares.

2. Apply a base coat

Cover your nails with a base coat and let it dry. The base coat helps the nail polish to adhere better and prevents damage to your nails.

3. Apply nail polish

Apply your favorite nail polish on your nails and let it dry completely. We recommend using matte nail polish for a better result.

4. Prepare the newspaper

Cut the newspaper to fit your nails. A piece of about a few centimeters is sufficient per nail.

5. Apply newspaper prints

Soak newspaper in rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover and wipe off any excess. Then place the newspaper on your nail and press lightly so that it touches the entire surface of the paper. Hold it on your nail for about 20-30 seconds.

6. Remove newspaper

Remove the newspaper from your nail and you will see a newsprint shape on your nail.

7. Apply top coat

Make the nail polish last longer by applying a top coat to your nails. The top layer also makes the newspaper print look clearer.

Tips and tricks for making nail polish in newspaper

Newspaper printed nail polish

Newsprint nail polish is a very fun and easy method, but there are some tips and tricks to keep in mind with this method. With these tips you will achieve better results when making newspaper nail polish. Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when making nail polish with newspaper:

Newspaper Selection

Newspaper selection is very important when making nail polish with newspaper. If the newsprint is too thin or too thick, it may be difficult to print. Therefore, try to choose a medium thickness newsprint. Also pay attention to the size of the words and numbers you will be printing. Large words and numbers provide a clearer print.

Cut the newspaper properly

You need to cut the newspaper to fit your nail. Be careful not to cover your entire nail or the print may not be clear enough. Try cutting the newspaper to fit the size of your nail.

Place the newspaper correctly

Be careful when placing the newspaper on your nail. Lay out the newspaper well so that it touches your entire nail. Also, make sure the paper fully adheres to your nail by pressing lightly to make sure the paper doesn’t slip on your nail.

Don’t let the newspaper wait too long

It is enough to hold the newspaper on your nail for 20-30 seconds. If you leave it on longer, the ink from the paper may spread on your nails and make the print less clear.

Apply nail polish coats thinly

Make sure to apply the nail polish layers thinly. Thick layers can prevent the nail polish from drying completely and reduce the clarity of the newspaper print.

How to make newspaper with nail polish?

The materials you will need to make newspaper nail polish; a tool such as newspaper, alcohol or nail polish remover, nail polish, nail polish top coat, and a small cap or capped pen. Cut the newspaper to size, place it on your nail, apply alcohol or nail polish remover to it, and then apply the nail polish in thin layers. After drying, apply the top coat and you’re done.

How durable is newspaper print nail polish?

Newspaper print nail polish is just as durable as regular nail polish. However, applying too much pressure to the surface of your nail can cause the newspaper print to peel off or wear off more quickly. Therefore, it is recommended to use your nails more gently than usual.

What colors work better when making nail polish with newspaper?

When making newspaper print nail polish, light-colored nail polishes or pastel shades can provide a clearer print. However, you can also use dark nail polishes, but the print should not be more pronounced.

What should be paid attention to when making nail polish with newspaper?

When making nail polish for newspapers, make sure that the newspaper is cut to fit your nail and placed properly. Also apply nail polish in thin layers, making sure the layers are completely dry. Make sure the nail polish is completely dry before applying the top coat.

Is nail polish printed in a newspaper harmful to my nails?

Newsprint nail polish won’t harm your nails, but exposing your nails to more solvents or polishes than usual can break or weaken them. Therefore, do not forget to moisturize and care for your nails and hands before applying newspaper nail polish.

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