“Many factors invite sports injuries”

Hasan Selbi, who was an athlete physiotherapist at Adana Demirspor Football Club some time ago, emphasized that interest in sports is an incentive for investment in this field: “With the increase in the number and quality of sports facilities, the rise in standards of the used equipment and the development of coaches, our athletes will be able to participate more in international competitions. It is also a source of pride for us that he sings our national anthem.”


Explaining what athlete rehabilitation is, Selbi said, “It’s a science that encompasses all the treatment methods that are applied to help injured people reach their pre-injury level as quickly as possible.”

“Sports rehabilitation is all rehabilitation programs aimed at treating injuries that occur during sports activities and return to sports life, preventing new injuries and minimizing the risk of injury in people who have no history of disability.”

Selbi said: “Rehabilitation of athletes is a long-term treatment that requires detailed and coordinated teamwork. In this team, the doctor and physiotherapist, who are experts in the field of the disease, play a key role in the beginning of the treatment. The athlete’s disease and branch are important in the rehabilitation program,” he added, adding: “The methods, techniques and approaches in rehabilitation programs applied to non-athletes may not always produce rapid results. Rehabilitation programs may need to be planned more aggressively than non-athletes due to the competitive nature of the sporting environment and also because the duration of the athletes’ stay in sports should be kept as short as possible. For this reason, it is very important to combine classic rehabilitation programs with a personalized program of functional exercises specific to sports and sports branches.


Selbi, who also spoke about the sports injuries and what needs to be done after the blows, concluded his words as follows:

“Athletes in all sports practice their sport by increasing their physical condition as much as possible. Athletes can be injured by impact, external factors or by forcing the person’s physical capacity. To correct the effects that may occur due to an injury or blow in a shorter time, treatment should be started immediately with the health team. In this sense, the most important step is the first intervention. First response is a very important factor in reducing the process and severity of disability. The first intervention in this regard is cold application and stabilization. Subsequently, the necessary examinations are carried out and the diagnosis is made by specialized doctors. There are two ways in the treatment process. The first of these is physical therapy and rehabilitation and medical therapy. The second is the surgical method. Physical therapists play the most important role in the treatment of sports injuries. Athlete physiotherapists follow the necessary treatment and rehabilitation pathways and apply the therapy and rehabilitation pathways to restore the athlete to his former healthy state in the healthiest and shortest possible time. The main goal of sports physiotherapists is to restore the former performance of the injured athlete.”

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