Maserati Msrt10 Review | Speed, range, battery, rim, team

The Maserati Msrt10 combines practicality and style in urban transport and is waiting for you to embark on an exciting journey! This folding electric bicycle stands out for its modern design and high performance. It provides an ideal option to move quickly through the city streets, save time without getting stuck in traffic and protect the environment.

Maserati Msrt10 Features

Weight 18 kg
type of bicycle Electric bike
Engine type RKS 36V 250W
Edge 20 inches
Reach 30-40km
Maximum speed 25 km/h
Weight it can bear 124kg

Maserati Msrt10 review

With its powerful motor, which reaches a maximum speed of up to 25 km/h, it puts you in action immediately. It also stands out in terms of portability with its stylish steel chassis, durable materials and foldable feature. While the YX-DB06 with its 35-40 km range and removable battery is an ideal option for long journeys, it keeps safety at the highest level with its disc brake system and stable tyres.

Moreover, it offers a comfortable experience with its waterproof electronic cable and easy-to-use functions. While enjoying urban mobility with the Maserati Msrt10, reflect your style with its striking elegance.

Here is all the information about the Maserati Msrt10;

Maserati MSRT10 design

The Maserati Msrt10 is a folding electric bicycle with a stylish and modern design. It is a feast for the eyes with its striking details and elegant lines. The 20-inch steel frame provides rigidity and durability, while the steel fenders provide additional protection. The design of this bicycle emphasizes its suitability and comfort for urban use. It also has practical features such as waterproof electronic cable and indicator control.

Maserati Msrt10 Speed

The Maserati Msrt10 can reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h thanks to its powerful RKS 36V 250W motor. This allows for fast and smooth progression through the city. It helps you save time in traffic and short distances.

Maserati Msrt10 range

Maserati MSRT10

With a battery capacity of 36V 10Ah, the Maserati Msrt10 has a range of 35-40 km on a single charge. This range will usually be sufficient for daily urban transport. However, you may need to charge the battery during long-distance travel. The removable battery of the Maserati Msrt10 can be easily charged at home or wherever you want.

Maserati Msrt10 wheel and tire

The Maserati Msrt10 has 20 inch wheels and Kenda 20 inch tires. This combination of rim and tire ensures stable handling and good road holding. It offers a comfortable experience both in the city and on flat roads. The wheels are made of durable materials and are designed for long-term use.

Maserati Msrt10 Weight

The Maserati Msrt10 has a net payload of 124 kg. This is a weight limit that most users can comfortably use. Good carrying capacity makes the bike fit to meet your daily needs.

Maserati Msrt10 braking system

Maserati Msrt10 has YX-DB06 disc brake system on both front and rear wheels. This braking system helps you control your speed and stop safely. Disc brakes provide effective braking performance and increase safety in various weather conditions. You can use it comfortably even on rainy days.

Maserati Msrt10 Battery and charging time

Maserati MSRT10

The battery of the Maserati Msrt10 has a capacity of 36V 10Ah and is secured with a key. This battery provides enough power for long journeys. Charging time is usually between 3-4 hours. You can remove the battery at any time and charge it at home. This provides additional flexibility for users.

Maserati Msrt10 Contents of the box

The box of the Maserati Msrt10 contains the Maserati Msrt10 folding electric bike, charging adapter and cable, user manual and warranty certificate, accessories necessary for assembly and installation.

Maserati MSRT10 Bike reviews

Maserati MSRT10

👤 *** ***: An excellent product

👤 *** ***: A very useful and stylish product, thank you for your interest and relevance.

👤 *** ***: There is noise in the curved output hub of the leading edge. There is an electrical outlet at the back. The plastic shield of the side chain is crooked. It’s like buying a used bike. If you don’t see these, the bike is very stylish and beautiful.

👤 *** ***: The product is very good, only the authorized services are worthless, I recommend that you have the grip gas mounted when you buy the product.

👤 *** ***: The product is good, but the ten steering positions are quickly disconnected. Do not be fooled

👤 *** ***: Excellent.

👤 *** ***: I traveled 21 km on a full charge, there was a slope or something, it is estimated at 30 km, now I am satisfied, I tilted 140 km

👤 *** ***: I received the product within 4-5 days. Since it is installed in the box, all you have to do is open it, charge it and use it. I went about 15 miles on the first full charge, then ran out of charge along the way. My weight is 75. There are small inclines on the road, but since it is a descent on the way back, the range seems less than miles to me.

👤 *** ***: The product is fine. The first thing that came to my mind was if I could use it as a normal bike when the battery was dead it can be used very comfortably on the flat road by manually downshifting the battery life is of course enough it’s also related how much you kicks.

What is the maximum speed of the Maserati Msrt10?

The maximum speed of the Maserati Msrt10 is 25 km/h. This speed allows you to move quickly and effectively through the city.

What is the range of the Maserati Msrt10?

The Maserati Msrt10 offers a range of 35-40 km on a single charge. It usually has a sufficient range for everyday use in the city.

Is the battery of the Maserati Msrt10 removable?

The battery of the Maserati Msrt10 is removable. This allows you to charge the battery in your home or wherever you want, if you want.

How long does the Maserati Msrt10 charge?

The charging time of the Maserati Msrt10 is usually between 3-4 hours. This time refers to the time it takes to fully charge the battery.

Is the Maserati Msrt10 foldable?

The Maserati Msrt10 has a foldable structure. This feature increases the portability of the bike and makes it easy to store.

How is the braking system on the Maserati Msrt10?

Maserati Msrt10 has YX-DB06 disc brake system on both front and rear wheels. With this braking system you can control your speed and stop safely.

What is the maximum weight of the Maserati Msrt10?

The Maserati Msrt10 has a net payload of 124 kg. This weight limit is one that most users can easily handle.

Who assembles the Maserati Msrt10?

Maserati Msrt10 offers a service that allows it to be installed by a technical service free of charge. You can follow the necessary assembly steps with the service information in the box.

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