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If you’re looking for a special collection for shoe lovers, the Melissa Karl Lagerfeld Collection might be just what you’re looking for. Famous shoe brand Melissa has designed a special shoe collection in collaboration with the world-famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.

This collection has become a masterpiece that attracts the attention not only of shoe lovers, but also of the fashion world. A pioneer in vegan shoe production using recyclable materials, Melissa reunites her extraordinary designs and sustainable fashion approach in collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld .

Who is Karl Lagerfeld?

Karl Lagerfeld is a world-renowned fashion designer, art director and photographer. He was born on September 10, 1933 in Hamburg, Germany. He was raised and educated in Switzerland, France and Germany. He later moved to Paris and started working for Pierre Balmain in 1955.

Lagerfeld, who has worked for many major fashion houses throughout his career, created the most iconic designs for Chanel. He became creative director of Chanel in 1983 and held that position for 36 years. He was also the creative director of Fendi.

Lagerfeld has created many innovative designs and trends in the fashion world. He is known for his signature style and bold choices. Known for his black glasses, white hair and high-collared white shirt, Lagerfeld is considered a global fashion icon.

In addition, Lagerfeld has been active in the world of art and culture. He has curated many art exhibitions, created a collection of artworks, and carried out many successful projects in the field of photography.

Lagerfeld, who died in 2019 at the age of 85, left a huge void in the fashion world. But her style, designs and legacy still live on in the fashion world.

How the collaboration between Melissa and Karl Lagerfeld came about

Melissa Karl Lagerfeld Collection

Melissa and Karl Lagerfeld combined their collections in a collaboration that came from two different worlds. The origin of this collaboration is based on the similar aesthetic understanding of both brands.

Karl Lagerfeld was a name in the fashion world known for his creativity and originality. Before the death of Karl Lagerfeld, he decided to design an exclusive shoe collection together with Melissa. The idea of ​​collaboration, combined with Melissa’s contributions to sustainable footwear production and Karl Lagerfeld’s innovative design approach, has resulted in an iconic collection.

Melissa stands out as a pioneering brand in protecting the environment and using innovative materials for a sustainable future in the production of its shoes. That is why, in collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld, they continued to use environmentally friendly materials during the design and production of the collection.

Melissa Karl Lagerfeld Collection is full of extraordinary designs that reflect the characteristics of both brands. The collaboration between the two brands emphasizes the importance of sustainable fashion and is a leader in the fashion world.

The collaboration of Melissa and Karl Lagerfeld brought a new breath to their collaboration in the fashion world and surprised the fans of the two brands by presenting a special collection. In line with the positions of both brands in the fashion world, the shoe collection that emerged from the collaboration is aesthetically perfect and sets high standards for quality.

Melissa Karl Lagerfeld How do you define the style of the collection?

Melissa Karl Lagerfeld Collection

Melissa Karl Lagerfeld Collection has an unusual and different style in design. The quality and aesthetic harmony of the materials used in the collection ensure that the shoes have a stylish and modern look.

The collection reflects Karl Lagerfeld’s aesthetic understanding by adopting a modern and minimalist style. The designs of the shoes are complemented by simple yet impressive details, which enhance the quality of the collection.

While bright and pastel colors are generally preferred in the collection, bolder colors and patterns are used in some models. The designs of the shoes appeal to all ages and styles and stand out for their creativity and innovation.

The Melissa Karl Lagerfeld collection takes a sustainable approach to shoe design. That is why the shoes in the collection are made from recyclable materials. In addition, some models in the collection offer comfortable use by taking care of both foot health and design.

Features of Melissa Karl Lagerfeld shoes in the collection

Melissa Karl Lagerfeld Collection

Melissa Karl Lagerfeld Collection offers unique shoe designs that combine the characteristics of both brands. Characteristics of the shoes in this collection are:

Unusual designs

Unique and extraordinary designs were created by combining the unique design concept that Karl Lagerfeld brought to the fashion world with the unique style of Melissa shoes.

High quality material

Melissa shoes are produced using environmentally friendly and innovative materials. The same quality standards were used in this collection and preference was given to high-quality materials.


Melissa shoes are designed for comfortable use. In this collection, the design takes into account the comfort of the shoes and the comfortable feeling they give to the feet.

Attention for details

Each shoe in the collection is enriched with carefully designed details. The iconic details, which have become Karl Lagerfeld’s signature, are reflected on Melissa shoes, making the shoes in the collection even more special.

Wide options

The collection offers a wide choice of shoes in different colors and models. There are shoes for every taste and every style.

Sensitive to foot health

Melissa shoes are designed with the health of the feet in mind. In this collection, designs have been created to protect the health of the feet and provide comfortable use.

What is the Melissa Karl Lagerfeld collection?

Melissa Karl Lagerfeld Collection is a special shoe collection designed by the famous shoe brand Melissa in collaboration with fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.

What types of shoes are included in the Melissa Karl Lagerfeld collection?

Melissa Karl Lagerfeld Collection includes different types of shoes such as sandals, heels, slippers and flats.

What materials are used in the Melissa Karl Lagerfeld collection?

Recyclable materials are generally used in the collection. In the production of the shoes from the collection, in addition to PVC and other synthetic materials, the material called Melflex is also used, which is mainly used in the production of vegan shoes.

How sustainable are Melissa Karl Lagerfeld Collection shoes?

The shoes from the Melissa Karl Lagerfeld Collection are very durable due to the use of high-quality materials. However, the durability of the shoes may change after use and maintenance.

How do you clean Melissa Karl Lagerfeld Collection shoes?

Shoes from the Melissa Karl Lagerfeld collection can usually be cleaned by wiping them with a damp cloth. They can also be cleaned with special cleaning agents. However, the cleaning and care of shoes can differ depending on the material used and the type of shoe.

What sizes do Melissa Karl Lagerfeld Collection shoes come in?

The shoes in the Melissa Karl Lagerfeld collection usually come in standard shoe sizes and offer several size options. However, some models in the collection are available in both half sizes and regular sizes.

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